Magazines are usually sold on the streets, or they’re made available in public libraries. Covers play a crucial role its success because readers make the decision of choosing a magazine within a few seconds. The cover should be attractive, and it should provide useful insights of the content in the book. It should be well designed. It should also boast a beautiful or hot picture else none would be interested in buying or reading your magazine.

Media companies and businesses pay special attention in designing or choosing a magazine cover. They hire Adobe Photoshop or corel draw experts for the same. Plenty of sample designs are made, but only one of them is chosen after careful analysis.

To be honest, it takes a lot of time to become a Photoshop expert because the software has a lot of filters and tools and mastering them requires lot of practice. If you’re unable to make magazine covers, you should hire a freelance designer or visit a nearby design studio. You can also take advantage of the below amazing websites.


canva - make magazine covers

This site claims that covers created it with will leave a real impact on your target audience and attract many readers. It features a start designing button that takes you to the registration form. When your canva account is ready, the website will prompt you to select one of these three options, i.e., make a magazine covers for work, personal use or education.

After you select the option, you’ll see a beautiful dashboard and a canvas on which you can drag and drop the available free or premium elements. The dashboard allows you to select a predefined cover layout, use a picture saved on your computer’s hard drive, add text, color background, etc. The canvas is nothing but your customized magazine cover.

Once your free design is ready, you can either download it to your PC as a JPG or PNG format image or share it online with friends on FB, Twitter. You can also make your work public to inspire other users. The downloaded image will not have any watermarks.


fake cover maker for magazine, facebook

If you want to see your face in popular magazines like Forbes, Times, PlayBoy, Men’s Health, etc, open in your browser. Anyone can use the website without any restrictions. Once you’ve selected a magazine style, allows you to import an image from Facebook or upload a photo saved on your computer. The uploaded images will be embedded in the magazine cover. You’ll be allowed to edit or customize the design. works without registration. It supports stickers, frames, custom texts, effects and many cool elements. It’s one of the best fake magazine makers on the internet. If you want to see yourself as a superstar or a celebrity, this tool is perfect for you.

Your Cover

your cover generator

This website is a personalized magazine cover maker with essential features and intuitive interface. It has many templates to choose from. The templates are categorized. This tool has a live heading editor that lets you align text or choose its color, size and style. It has an upload field to insert your personalized image on the canvas. YC can be used to make covers for Facebook Timeline. It is free. If you want to save your design for future use, you’ll have to create an account on YC website.

Big Huge Labs

big huge labs

With this free magazine maker, you can import your photos from image sharing websites like Instagram, Flickr, FB. You can also insert it from Dropbox. BHL has an option to crop the pic and select one of the eight fantastic layouts. BHL lets you change the primary and accent colors of your magazine cover.

Big HL supports six fonts and three text effects, i.e. bold, italic and colored. If you want to add a tagline to make your cover for convincing, BHL has a utility to do so. It has essential features due to which BHL is easy to use online tool. The cover creator is a good alternative to it because CC supports various types of fonts.

Conclusion: The above websites allow you to create your magazine cover free of cost. Some of them work without registration. They’re available 24 x 7 throughout the year. Try them and let’s know how they used to work for you


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