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Rainmeter 4 skins

Rainmeter 4.0 Windows desktop customization tool launched

If you are not completely satisfied with the inbuilt features of Windows OS and want to add extra functionalities to OS with third-party software,...
Download q-dir review

Q-Dir filemanager is a powerful Windows explorer alternative

Microsoft Windows 10 operating system ships with a powerful file explorer tool which seems to be inspired from Q-Dir, the multiple panel program for...
big huge labs

Coolest free magazine cover maker tools on the web

Magazines are usually sold on the streets, or they're made available in public libraries. Covers play a crucial role its success because readers make the...
HTML 5 Adobe Flash Animate CC tool

Adobe Animate CC to replace flash professional animation tool

Flash is a couple of decades old technology and it will be retried in February 2016. Adobe will remove its direct download link from the website. Flash content...