Easy to remember passwords that contain random English words and sequence of characters are vulnerable to brute force attacks. In a BF attack, a program will keep entering random login credentials in the login fields of a web page on a major website such as Gmail, Facebook, Dropbox to get access to an account.

If a website employs sophisticated spam protection system such as Google Captcha or if the user has activated two-factor authentication, the program will not be able to submit the login form. If a website isn’t protected by a firewall or antispam module, the program will enter fake login details and submit the form continuously.

If you use a weak password, the program will take over your website account. To prevent bots owned by intruders or hackers from getting access to your online accounts, you must use a strong password.

Instead of creating a password by yourself, consider using a password generator tool. Below, we have shared the features of a new PW generator program called SterJo.

SterJo: Free password generator for Windows

SterJo is available for download as a standalone or portable Windows application.

The program is small. Hence, it will get installed on your PC within 10 to 20 seconds. Once you install SterJo on your Windows computer, you can run it from the desktop shortcut or the start menu.

Sterjo password generator

If you’re using Windows 10 operating system, you must run SterJo Password generator as an administrator else the program will fail to run.

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Strejo provides several options on its main interface. It is easy to use. The program enables users to specify the words and characters their passwords must have.

SterJo supports the following character sets:

  • Lower and upper case.
  • Numbers and ASCII symbols.

The minimum length of the passwords you can generate with this free tool is 6 and the maximum length is 64.

The tool allows users to generate strong passwords in a bulk. To use this feature, click on the Generate List button and specify the number of passwords you want to generate.

In addition to this, you can create license keys with this free program. This feature is useful for software developers. SterJo lets you copy the generated passwords to the system clipboard.

If your PC is not using a robust antivirus and internet security application, don’t copy the passwords to the clipboard.

The passwords generated by the SterJo program are hard to remember. Make sure that you don’t save the passwords created with it to a text file.

Password managers such as KeepPass, LastPass, DashLane saves your login credentials to an encrypted database. They allow you to generate secure passwords as well. I have used LastPass. It’s a great tool. Currently, I’m using KeePass.

Conclusion: SterJo is a lightweight tool with which you can create random passwords that are hard to crack. It is a free and lightweight program without advertisements. To download the freeware, please visit sterjosoft.com


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