Since last week, I was facing a strange problem with Windows 10 OS. I had uninstalled Bitdefender total security suite from my laptop because its license had expired and the application was not functioning anymore. The process for the same completed its task without reporting any errors and I restarted the PC to complete the Bitdefender uninstallation task.

After rebooting, I opened the default software uninstaller utility of Windows to check whether the security suite was removed entirely or not. The application was deleted, but Bitdefender agent was still residing in my laptop. When I tried removing the agent, the uninstaller displayed a Windows popup with a message that I must delete the application first to get rid of the leftovers, i.e., BDA. After a few days, I found a solution to this problem. To fix the problem, I had used a special software named Windows uninstaller.

Well, I’m not the only guy who has faced this issue. Many people complain that Windows leaves empty folders, registry entries, and virus definition databases, etc. when they remove any program. The processes are eliminated, but the storage space is wasted. If a lot of useless files are stored, the system’s performance will be affected unless you defragment the HDD once or twice a week.

To get rid of application leftovers, install any one of the below best Windows uninstaller utilities. The software we’ve shared in this article are free, and they work without affecting the performance of other Windows utilities and processes running in the background.

IOBit Uninstaller:

Iobit has a clean UI. It features a module that identifies most/least used programs along with their size, importance, etc. You can sort the apps by their installation date, size, version, etc.

This software allows you to open the built-in Windows tools through its interface. It can create a restore point when you remove any application. If removal fails, you can quickly restore the data.

Iobit Windows uninstaller review 2015

Iobit uninstaller identifies downloads folder, patch cache, invalid cache, etc. It can remove Firefox, Internet Explorer, nd Google Chrome extensions through the central dashboard. It has a file shredder utility too.

This software supports batch installation function through which the user can remove many programs at the same time.

download iobit uninstaller 5

It has the force uninstall feature that will delete apps that are impossible to remove in the usual way. It has powerful scan feature that will find all leftovers of software that you want to get rid off.

Iobit win manager

Iobit Uninstaller integrates itself with Windows. Thus, you can remove any application by right clicking on its executable file icon and select powerful uninstall option. This software is free. If you don’t understand any of its features, you can seek help online from the online IOBIt support team.

To be honest, IOBIT is better than the default Windows uninstallation tool. You can download this software from this link.

Revo Uninstaller:

This application from Revo has a few useful features, and it is light weight. Revo Uninstaller features hunter mode. When you activate this feature, you will be able to stop, delete any process from auto starting on just a single click of the mouse.

Revo uninstaller download for Windows

By default, Revo will create a system restore point each time you run its uninstaller. It has junk file cleaner module that can be configured as per the user’s requirement.

When it comes to user experience, Revo doesn’t boast a breathtaking interface. The top utilities are displayed on the toolbar. At the bottom of the main window, there’s a text area which will get populated with information whenever you click on any module of the software.

Like Iobit Uninstaller, this software allows you to check registry entry or the location of the executable. It has a Google search function. If you want to get more details on any software or its developer, right-click on it and select search option.

Revo includes a search module that generates results very fast. This feature is useful when the user has installed a lot of applications on his PC.

Revo features four uninstallation mode as you can see in the below screenshot. It doesn’t support web-browsers yet.

uninstall mode revo

Because of its decent features and simplicity, Revo is considered as one of the best Windows uninstaller utility.

Download Revo here.

Compatibility of the above two software: 32 and 64 bit Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.

Final Verdict and Conclusion:

Both Revo and IOBIT have the necessary features to remove all types of software completely from your PC. They’re fast and intuitive. If you love beautiful UI, download IOBIT Uninstaller and run it else install Revo and use it.

How did I remove the Bitdefender agent from my PC?

IOBIT was not able to uninstall the BDA but its powerful scan function made by day as it removed BDA completely and freed 33 megabyte HDD storage memory.

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