Personal information manager aka PIM software makes your life easier because they allow you to save all important details in a database. With these programs, you don’t have to rely on a diary to save and find details of a person, manage to do list, save notes and password. One of the best information manager application for a Windows PC is EssentialPIM.

EssentialPIM (version 6.57) is a program which takes 50MB storage memory. It offers various tools to function as a powerful utility for managing tasks, reminders, contacts, etc.

One major advantage of using EssentialPIM is that you can run it from an external storage device. This feature makes sure that the database where your information is saved is always up to the mark. To do so, download and use EssentialPIM portable version.

essentialPIM software

Below are the important modules of the EssentialPIM program (free version):

Password Management

PIM software password

The EssentialPIM program has a password manager module which allows you to save website login details. You can use this tool to generate strong passwords. While adding a new entry, you’ll be asked to fill the 5 fields – title, username, password, URL, and notes.

The user can modify the field or add a new one. This PIM software allows you to copy and paste username as well as the password in text-fields. It doesn’t support the auto-login feature. If you need a powerful tool to manage passwords, use LastPass, 1Password or KeePass.


mail management

EssentialPIM has its own mail management module. The user can connect his email address with the program to quickly send, filter and check emails in the inbox.

Personal Contacts Management

EssentialPIM contacts manager software

Essential PIM has an option to add new contacts with the below information:

  • Personal Info which includes First name, mobile number, email address, etc.
  • Business details i.e. Company, Job Title, web page, phone number, etc.
  • Notes and Picture.

You are allowed to add, rename or delete the fields. EssentialPIM has a filter to find contacts. You can set birthday reminders with it. This tool is a simple alternative to Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, and other similar applications.


If you delete any entry from EssentialPIM software, it will display the details of the deleted record in the trash section. The program will display the record’s creation, modification, subject, and location. Entries from the trash can be easily restored.

Appointment Management

EssentialPIM calendar and appointments manager

EssentialPIM can be used as a powerful calendar app. It has a well-designed calendar UI which allows you to manage appointments and reminders. The tool displays a 24 hours format calendar so that you can create an appointment for a certain time. Entries of a calendar are highlighted by colors.

Notes Management

essentialPIM notes

If you’re a professional writer, you’ll like this feature because the program supports sub notes which are nothing but children of root notes. EssentialPIM features its own word processor functions to insert date/hyperlinks, indent text, change font, etc. It supports bulleted and numbered lists.

This PIM software has options panel where you can change the default settings. It includes support for more than 25 languages. It lets you sync personal data to Android mobile devices or the iPhone. You can download and install the 32 bits, Portable and 64 bits version of this freeware on your PC from the website.


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