Every operating system features a set of tools for managing files. Some users may not be satisfied with the features and performance of the default file management utilities offered by the OS and they search for its alternatives.

QDir is an excellent tool to manage files and folders in Windows, but some users may not find it easy to use. Such users should try out the FreeCommander XE program by Marek Jasinski.

FreeCommander is a small program which has plenty of utilities for managing files on Windows. Its main interface flaunts two panes, each displaying a list of files in a hierarchical format. Below are the important modules that you’ll find in FCX:

Desktop Shortcut

desktop snapshot

To take a screenshot of the desktop in Windows, the user must click on the PrintScreen button which commands the OS to copy the screenshot to the system clipboard.

The user must then open MS Paint or any other application to save the screenshot as a JPG, PNG file. In FreeCommander XE, the program allows you to configure global hotkey which will save the desktop snapshot in a BMP, PNG or GIF format. It also features a button to capture a desktop snapshot.

This tool allows the user to specify a destination folder where the snapshot will be saved. When a screenshot has been captured, FreeCommander XE will display its path in the interface of the file explorer module.

Batch Rename tool

batch rename

When you move pictures from phone to PC or when you download music files from the internet in a bulk, you may not like the file’s name. FreeCommander allows users to rename multiple files within few seconds.

How to use the bulk rename feature?

Open multi-rename tool from the file’s menu or click CTRL and M keys at the same time to open it. Click on file menu of the tool and select open location option.

Now navigate to the folder where the files have been saved. When you do so, the program will update the table interface with a list of the files. Fill the search for and replace with fields of FreeCommander XE.

Configure the pattern and case options. If you want to batch rename files of a specific format, enter its extension in include files of this type textbox.

Click on preview changes button to check if your configuration works or not. Once you’re satiated with the results, click on rename button.

Pack and Unpack

file packer zip unzip rar

The FreeCommander XE program comes with a file compression tool which supports the below functions:

  • Encryption.
  • Create self-extract archives.
  • Create one archive per file.
  • Filters for including files of specific type.

The packer tool of FreeCommander XE program can generate ZIP and RAR format files. For generating archives of other formats, you’ll have to download and install a plugin. The program supports WCX format plugins.


freecommander search

One of the most impressive features in FreeCommander XE is its powerful search module which supports searching of a specific string within one or more files. This module supports wildcard search function. It maintains a log of your search operations. It lets you find files created between specific dates, of particular size and format. The user is allowed to save the current search task/setting as a profile.

Keyboard shortcuts

keyboard shortcuts

You can specify a keyboard shortcut for each and every function of FreeCommander XE. If you’re using this program frequently, the shortcuts will help you in completing a task faster.

Inbuilt File Editor

When you come across a text file, the program will not open notepad or WordPad to check its content as FCX features a built-in file viewer.

FreeCommander XE download review

FTP support

To move files between two or more computer, the user can make use of FXC’s inbuilt FTP tool.

Other important features:

  • Drag and drop support for files as well as folders.
  • File swap and sort functions.
  • MD5 checksum checker.
  • Multi-layout option.
  • Wipe function for securely erasing files from the disk.
  • Comparison tool built-in.
  • Users can back up and restore the settings.

Conclusion: FreeCommander is an excellent program with a lot of features. Its simple UI shields powerful functions for managing folders and files of any type. The freeware is available for download in 3 versions, portable, 32 bits, and 64 bits.

Download FreeCommander XE for Windows OS.


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