The top password manager apps have been getting useful updates since 2016. First, LastPass 4.0 was launched, then Dashlane 4.0 was unveiled. Now Agilebits has introduced the latest version of the 1Password app.

Ever since it was first launched in 2006, 1Password has been updated several times. Below is my review of the latest app.

1Password review

Open the Google play store app, download, install and run 1Password (current version is 6). This app will play a quick tour slideshow to make you aware of its essential features. When the tour is over, the app will ask you to create your first vault. If you’re using the desktop version of the password manager, you can easily sync the password vault between the computer and phone.

The WiFi sync feature works like ShareIt for PC. It will ask you to open one password software on both the devices at a time. The phone app will find a computer or laptop connected to the same network after which it will sync the password vault.

The app can import the vault from Dropbox or the local storage (ROM of MicroSD card of the phone).

To sync password vault from Dropbox to the phone, you’ll be asked to log into the cloud storage service.

The local storage option, when selected, will display a popup to allow or deny access to photos, media and other files stored on the storage to the 1Password app. The user should tap on the allow button and locate, select the password vault.

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If you’re a new user, you’ll have to tap on the create vault option to get started with the app. Once you do so, the 1Password app will display a field to enter a master password. The app will ask you to enter a hint so that you can quickly retrieve the master password in case you forget it.

When the master password has been set, and the user logs into the app, he will find a categories dashboard and an option to add a new category.

When you tap on the Add category button, the app will open a list containing the below items:

Bank account: This section will allow you to save your bank account password. It displays options to enter the bank name, a/c name, type, routing number, account number, swift code, IBAN number, Pin, phone, address, and note.

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Credit card: Here you save the credit card password securely on your mobile device. You’ll find fields to enter the card holder’s name, type, cc number, verification password, expiry date, valid from, issuing bank, local/international/toll-free phone numbers, website, credit limit, withdrawal limit, issue number and note.

Driver license: You can easily save the driving license details in one password app. To do this, you’ll be prompted to enter these details:

  • Full name
  • address.
  • Date of birth.
  • Sex
  • height.
  • Number.
  • License class.
  • Conditions.
  • Province i.e. state.
  • Country.
  • Expiry date.
  • Note.

Database: If you’re a database professional or an owner of a software/website, you can easily save the database password in this app. To do so, select the DB category and enter the below details:

  • Type.
  • Server address.
  • Port.
  • Access key id
  • username.
  • Password.
  • SID.
  • Alias
  • connection options
  • note

email account: This category lets you save login details of all your email service providers.

Login: You may have created an account on many social networks, video or image sharing websites. To make sure that you don’t have to remember the login credentials for each and every web portal, you should use the login category of the one password application.

Passport: If you lose your passport, 1password will help you in getting a new one quickly (provided if you’ve saved its full details in the 1password app). As information has been saved to your phone, you can easily visit the password center to apply for a new one. You will not have to search for the lost passport details.

Reward program: If the user is a member of any compensation program, he can use this category to save its information.

Secure note: Like LastPass and Dashlane, this password manager app lets users create and save secure notes on the mobile device.

Server: This category will ask you to enter various details of the server. It is a useful feature for website owners, bloggers, and webmasters.

Social security number: SSN is used in the United States. If you’ve been assigned an SSN, use one password app to save it.

Wireless router: Useful for the saving the configuration details of a router.

Software license: If you’ve license keys of Windows OS or any other premium application, you can keep them securely in this section.

This app works in offline mode. You don’t have to enable data connection for saving new passwords.

The app will lock the dashboard each time your phone’s display is in the standby mode (or switched off).

It is not compulsory to enter all the fields in the 1password app. Categories will be arranged alphabetically. There’s a search tool for this app. Thus, finding a particular password or service is easy.

If you don’t like the auto-grouping feature, this application allows users to create and manage folders. It is not compulsory to assign unique names to the folders.

The 1Password app lets you favorite a category or a folder. It allows you to lock or sync them as well. Before you start syncing your items, you’ll be asked to configure sync settings.

1Password can automatically fill your login details in supported apps and websites. To use this feature, the user should enable the particular 1Password keyboard from settings.

As mentioned earlier, the app will be locked when display switches off or enters into standby mode. To unlock the dashboard, the user must enter the master password. If the password is too long, the app has an option to activate the pin code feature in which you’ll be requested to enter the PIN number.

The login data and PIN code will be saved in an encrypted format (AES 256 bit Encryption is applied). The app will decrypt it each time you enter the login details. Thus, it is one of the most secure password managers.

1Password 6 supports automatic syncing and notifications. You can configure it to sync data only when the phone is connected to the internet using a cellular network.

You can set up 1Password for Android or iPhone to show beautiful icons and display web-form details through the app settings.

The app features an email diagnostic tool that lets you send the system snapshot to Agilebits staff. If you’re experiencing performance issues, send the diagnostic report to the engineers maintaining and developing this app. The staff will help you out.

1Password app (version 6) offers in-app purchases. If you want to use more features, upgrade the account (price of the PRO version starts from 18 USD).

The Android and iPhone version of this application will not allow you to take screenshots. It features a material design based UI.

1Password 6 is compatible with MAC, Windows, Android and IOS platforms. You can integrate it with the Google Chrome browser by downloading and installing its official extension from the Chrome store. It comes with the fingerprint unlock which works only on smartphones and tablets with a fingerprint sensor.

The 1Password for Android takes 24 megabytes storage memory. It used it for half an hour; the app used 31 MB RAM (on average). The features of this password manager worked well.

Download links: AndroidiPhone or iPad, Windows phone


  1. UX is good. UI is beautiful.
  2. Features many categories.
  3. Management of passwords is easy.
  4. Encryption is enabled.
  5. Doesn’t drains the battery.
  6. Syncing is well supported.


  1. Some issues with the AOSP keyboard.
  2. Lacks 2 step authentication (LastPass includes it).
  3. Users can set and use weak passwords.
  4. Only Dropbox cloud storage platform is supported.


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