Lastpass is one of the best password management software for Windows 7, XP, 8 and 8.1 and MAC operating system. This software is free. Its setup takes hardly 3 or 4 minutes.

Lastpass has many exciting features, and it can handle all password keeping tasks on your PC or laptop. This LastPass review will highlight the most interesting utilities.

How to use LastPass password management software?

LastPass installation: Once you’ve downloaded the setup file, double-click on the file to run the LastPass installer. When the installation window appears on your screen, you’ll see a drop-down list with several international languages and advanced options button.

The advanced options allow us to add LastPass browser extensions. The supported browsers are Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome. In advanced options section, you’ll also see three privacy options. These settings are automatically saved when we press the back button.

To begin installation, we’ve to click on the install LastPass button. If you’ve kept any browser open, this program will request you to close it.

lastpass plugin

Create a LastPass account: Once you’ve successful installed this program, you must create an account to access its core features. To create one, you’ll have to enter the below details-

  • Email
  • Master password
  • Password reminder

As LastPass account details are stored online, you’ll need a working internet connection before you can proceed further. So connect your PC or laptop to the web. Once your account has been created, Lastpass will check all of your browsers for stored passwords and usernames. If it finds one, it will show a secure your password window.

This window allows users to import all of their existing login credentials in their LastPass vault. If you import them, this program will drop all entries from your browser, and it will securely store them in your LastPass account vault. This step is optional. Don’t forget to note down all the passwords before you import data from the browsers.

Once the import process is complete, LastPass will start your default web-browser, and it will request you to download the Firefox or Chrome extension. If you want to quickly login to your LastPass account, make sure that you download and install the extension. Well, you don’t have to open any search engine and search for the plugin.

LastPass will automatically open the plugin download page on your browser. Once you’re done with the extension installation, restart your browser and click on the LastPass icon that appears at the top right corner (to the right of address bar).

LastPass Review – the top free password management application (online/offline):

When you log into your LastPass account, you’ll see a well-designed website interface. On the left side, you’ll see six hyperlinks to settings, shared folders, management, add a site, secure note and create a folder. The interface also shows links to the LastPass user manual and tutorials.

LastPass Review - best password manager software 2015 vault

Below are the details of the modules:

Add a site: This feature allows users to add login details of their site directly to their LastPass vault. In this window, you are authorized to activate or deactivate auto-login, the auto-fill feature of LastPass for a particular web page. The data you save through this window will appear open the homepage of your account.

If your browser is activated with the lastpass plugin, you can also add a site directly without interacting with your account. All you have to do is, open the website of your choice, enter your login details (username, password and press return/enter key). Now LastPass will show a green bar with the message to store username and password in your vault. Click on the bar. Done! Your password has been added to the vault.

-Create a folder: This utility simplifies the password management process in this software. It also categorizes your login details. If you log into too many sites every day, make sure that you use this feature.

-Secure Note: This is perhaps the most interesting feature of this password keeper. Secure Note is a window where you can store your complete Wi-Fi, SSH key, Software license, SSN, Server, passport, membership, email, credit/debit card details. As LastPass allows auto-completion in website forms, you don’t have to enter these all details if you use Secure Note feature.

-Shared Folders: This is a premium feature. If you want to use this utility, upgrade your account to the enterprise edition.

-Create a profile: Online shopping is an easy task for LastPass users. If you want to order any product from an eCommerce, you should register an account. The details that you need to enter are standard for all shopping sites. For example, my registration details are same for eBay, best buy, Amazon, and Flipkart.

I had manually entered each detail on the registration form. It was frustrating and time-consuming. Lastpass is an original password keeper. It allows users to create a standard profile (with every important detail that shopping sites may ask you to fill in).

You should add your complete details to know how effective LastPass is. Once you’ve created your profile, open the registration form and use this password keeper’s auto-complete feature. Each field in the form will be automatically updated with correct information.

lastpass form profile

-Import and Export: This utility is for all those users who’ve ignored the advanced options settings during LastPass installation. You can use this feature to import passwords from your browsers.

The export option will generate a CSV file (comma separated value) containing your login details. This file can be accessed via Microsoft Excel, Open Office, etc. If you click on the export menu, the plugin will request you to enter your password. Make sure that you don’t share this file with anyone.

History: If you want to have a look at your login activities, then use the history tool. This tool accepts start and end dates from the user to generate the list.

lastpass security

Password Generator: If you don’t want to waste your time in creating strong passwords then you should use the LastPass password generator tool. The generated passwords are impossible to crack.

Form Fills: When you open a web page, this password keeper will autocratically add a clickable gear box icon in each text field of the page. This image is called bookmarklet. When you click the bookmarklet, users will be shown a dialog box with options to add a site, save password – username, clear form, etc. It is a very useful feature as it can save your time.

lastpass form fills

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So why are you waiting? Secure all your passwords with LastPass.


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