Download managers are useful applications because they allow your machine to receive files faster from a distant server. They support pausing and resuming of a file transfer operation. You’ll experience better speed when you switch from a browser’s download manager to a dedicated software.

FDM is a popular open source freeware. Many people are using it as an alternative to IDM. Its developer has launched the latest version of the software (5.1) a few days back, and I’ve been using the FDM (beta release) since then. Read the below paragraphs to know what the latest version of free download manager has in store for you.

FDM has a drag and drop interface. To start downloading a file, you just have to drop its URL in the large text area (you can also drop a torrent link). Users are allowed to use shortcut keys, i.e.; they can paste URL by pressing CTRL + C and CTRL + V keys. Unlike other similar applications, FDM prompts you to enter a folder where you want to save the downloaded files.

An earlier edition of the software had a tabbed UI and a large toolbar. It resembled IDM. FDM 5.1 has been given a whole new look.

This software allows users to configure traffic limits. You can set the maximum and minimum download/upload speeds. You are authorized to change the max number of active connections and number of file transfers allowed at a given time.

FDM maintains a history in case you want to get details on your past download activities. This free software saves your history for n number of days (you have to set the value of n).

The latest FDM supports integration with Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox browsers. You can configure it to respond only when the user presses the Alt key.

FDM can be set to start up when Windows boots. This software can update itself silently in the background. You can create custom filters for sorting the downloaded files. The saved files can be tagged. This is a useful feature when the filter is not displaying the desired results. FDM also includes a filter to view active, completed, inactive downloads.

Because of the recent updates, the free download manager is more responsive and powerful than ever. Its software engine is more reliable than it was earlier. Unfortunately, FDM 5.1 doesn’t support Windows XP and Vista operating systems. You can install it on Mac OS X.


  1. Ravinder Dande

    Hi Pramod thanks for update.Can i have link so that can download AKA 5.1.

    • Pramod

      I’ve already shared in the article


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