A good 200cc bike is one that has a sporty design and a reliable engine which does not fail in any circumstance. It should be steady when the rider crosses the 100 Kmph speed mark.

Although they have a higher maintenance cost and lower mileage than 125, 110 or 150cc two-wheelers, 200cc segment bikes are popular among the youth. I’ve visited several metro cities in India. Till date, I’ve not seen a person aged above 50 or a girl riding a 200cc bike.

Most 200cc bikes cost 100000+ INR. Bajaj was one of the first companies to introduce a two-wheeler in 200cc to 250cc segment in India. Now, you’ll find bikes with a similar engine from other manufacturers. As of today, there are 17 200cc segment two-wheelers in India. Here are the 5 best two-wheelers you can buy in India.

Best 200cc bikes in India

1Bajaj RS 200

RS 200 is Bajaj’s latest bike in India. It is a good alternative to NS 200. RS 200’s design will make you fall in love with it. It features a fuel-injected 199.5cc single cylinder 4 valve Single OverHead Cam engine that provides 18.6 NM torque at 8000 RPM and generates 24.16 bhp power at 9750 RPM.

Bajaj RS 200 features crystal LED tail lamps and 2 projector headlamps. It has a stylish perimeter frame, beautiful exhaust system, and Nitrox Mono suspension. Bajaj RS 200 provides an ABS single channel and a 300 diameters front brake. It offers a 230 diameter rear disc brake system and has a 13-liter capacity fuel tank.

RS 200’s top speed is 140 KMph. Its mileage is 34 to 35 Kmpl. It costs within 123000 to 139000.

2Karizma ZMR

Honda motors had first launched the Karizma ZMR bike in 2009. The two-wheeler manufacturer introduced a new version of its 200cc bike in 2014. ZMR has a better design and engine than its earlier model.

ZMR has a top speed of 134.8 Kmph. It has a four-stroke oil cooled 223cc engine that produces a torque of 19.7 Nm at 6500 RPM and has an impressive power rating of 14.9 kW at 6500 RPM. ZMR has a powerful fuel transistorized ignition system. It has a disc rear and front brake.

Karizma ZMR boasts tubless tires and hydraulic front telescopic suspension. It provides 45 to 48 Kmpl mileage and costs 105000 to 132000 Rupees. Honda has launched 4 color variants of the Karizma ZMR bike.

3KTM RC 200

RC 200 bike has an ergonomic design. The height of the seat from the rear tire is 820mm aka 2.4 feet. The bike is fitted with a 10-liter fuel tank and has an aerodynamic windshield.

RC 200 has a steel frame and features telescopic suspension system. It boasts an LCD display that makes users aware of the bike speed, current gear, fuel gauge, etc.

KTM RC 200 features a 200cc single cylinder four-valve engine with an impressive power rating of 25 HP. To give the bike a sporty look, KTM has kept the tail of the RC 200 bike short. The bike offers a six-speed transmission system. It is powered by Bosh Engine Management System.

The top speed of KTM RC 200 bike is 140 Kmph. It has a good mileage of 34.9 Kmpl. The price of this 200cc bike starts at Rs 1.7 lakhs.

4Bajaj NS 200

NS aka Naked Sports 200 is the best 200cc bike under 1 lakh Rs in India. It features a front disc brake paired with an ABS for the safety of the rider.

The bike has similar specifications as RS 200, but it has a muscular design. It has a DTSi triple spark engine that produces 23.5 PS power. NS 200 has a 12L petrol tank and tubeless tires.

Bajaj NS 200 is available for purchase in Bajaj showroom near you in 3 color options for a price within 95000 to 110000 Rs. Its on-road mileage is 30 Kmpl.

5TVS Apache RTR 200 Fi

RTR Fi the newest member of Apache series of bikes. RTR 200 Fi employs better engine than its predecessor. It has Twin-Spray-Twin-Port technology-based engine that effectively reduces the bike’s emission level without affecting the performance.

The bike boasts a stylish fuel tank, tubeless racing tires, and a beautiful engine cover. It has petal shaped disk brake and electronic fuel injection module.

According to TVS, RTR 200 Fi can reach up to 60 Kmph within 4 seconds. The maximum speed it can reach is 128 Kmph. The bike features a 197.8cc engine that produces 21 PS power. It is available in many cities for a price starting at 105000 INR.

Conclusion: Karizma ZMR, Apache RTR Fi, KTM RC, Bajaj RS, and NS 200 are the best 200cc bikes in India.



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    My budget is 1.5 lakh and I’m from NCR. Which bike should I buy. I’m confused between Pulsar and KTM.


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