When a person from non-English speaking country travels to USA, UK or any other English speaking nation, he will have to converse in a language local to the new place. Nowadays, companies hire people having good command over this language. During interviews, the communication skills of the job applicant are carefully observed. Thus, we can say that English is one of the most important languages.

Grammar is an essential element of the English language. If you don’t construct understandable sentences, you’ll become a laughing stock and people will mock you. For a content writer or blogger, grammar plays a major role in building a career. When your content is amazing, people will be attracted towards your writings, and you’ll have a good fan following. Good command over English helps students in scoring better grades in exams.

Microsoft Word has basic functionality to check the grammar, but it is a very robust tool for correcting spelling mistakes. The open source Libre office also offers similar functionality. If you’re searching for a better tool for checking and correcting grammar mistakes, see the below five websites.

Top websites to check grammar and spellings


This is a free tool that lets you test grammar and spelling mistakes online. If it detects any errors in your writing, Reverso will correct it automatically. This tool supports US and UK spellings and it can auto-correct french grammar mistakes too.

Reverso comes a word limit. You can’t check a lot of paragraphs at once. This is its only drawback. This tool has an inbuilt dictionary, spelling checker, conjugator, and translator. It is easy to use. To use this tool, you must paste your text on a text area and click on the check button. [visit the site]


If you understand what the passive voice, eggcorn, transition, normalization is, this tool is for you. Grammark accepts your paragraphs, and it displays writing problems. Unlike Reverso, this tool will not correct your mistakes nor does it highlights the line which fails to pass the test.

Grammark is free and accurate. It may fail to detect errors related to particular character placements in sentences. This free Grammar Corrector displays a warning for the same. The source code of Grammark is available for download. Thus, you can install it as a localhost web service on your computer. [Open the tool]

2Polish My Writing

This free tool to check grammar is developed and maintained by the developers of the WordPress content Management system. It was once available in the form of after the deadline plugin for WordPress. Polish my writing accepts a long paragraph as an input. When you click its check writing button, PMW will process the information.

It monitors complex expressions, missing hyphens, spelling mistakes, passive voices and many other errors. You can integrate it with Windows Live Writer or use it along with WordPress, BuddyPress forums. Polish My Writing is available as an extension for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome as well. It is the simplest tool that you’ll ever come across. [Opem PMW]


Forbes recommends this tool. It claims to give ten times better results than Microsoft Office or any other similar software. To use Grammarly, the user must install the official chrome extension after which they’ll be requested to create an account to access the dashboard. The extension will analyze text box’s content as it finds them on a website.

Whether it is blogger, twitter or Facebook, Grammarly makes you aware of improper word formation and many other errors on the fly. This tool recommends synonyms and it checks more than 200 grammar errors. It is thus a perfect website for writers, bloggers, editors, etc. To be honest, I’m not a big fan of this site because it requires registration. [Visit Grammarly]

Do you know?
Mozilla Firefox and Chrome browsers have an inbuilt spelling checker. When you enter an unrecognized word, the browser will highlight it with a red underline.

If you want to check Flesch reading grade, SMOG Index, Gunning Fog score of your writing, you should use the readability score website. This site calculates reading levels on the fly, and it is 100% free.

Conclusion: The Internet is amazing, and it has every tool (related to computers) that you can think of. Instead of joining tuition class, you should use the above websites to learn English. The tools are available 24 x 7 and they’ll improve your grammar.

When you need help, just connect your machine to the internet and open the hyperlinks. The above websites to check grammar for free can be accessed on smartphones and tablets too. Use them to check your writings. They don’t save your work so make sure that you keep your writing in a text or document file.


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