Avast security has been entitled as a top Android app developer on the Google play store because millions of users have downloaded every application launched by this company. At mobile world congress event 2015, Avast had launched its 1st battery saver app for Android.

Although there are a lot of similar apps, Avast battery saver was quick enough to join the million downloads club. ABS has become popular because of its cool features that promise a better battery life.

Most of the battery applications will work when you tap on their optimizer widget (1 touch icon). ABS is different. It has various intelligent profiles that will automatically improve the battery performance throughout the day. The profiles can be configured manually by the user. To get more details on this exciting app, Go through the below review:

Avast battery saver reviews 2015

Getting started: 

ABS is a lightweight app that is listed on the Google play store. It takes 6 to 7 MB free storage space and uses a small volume of RAM. Install it and run ABS.

For some reasons, this app tries to read your location on startup. You can prevent this by tapping on the area which is not occupied by the popup.

When the popup disappears, the user will see extend battery life button at the bottom, avast icon at the top of the screen. To accept license and terms, click on the button after which, the app will load the main UI.


ABS has limited but very useful features. On its main interface, the user will find an animated battery icon along with the remaining backup power and hours (in percentage format). This interface also includes a menu, optimized and app consumption buttons.

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Optimized button:

When available utilities and tools run in the background, your phone’s RAM and CPU will be wasted. As computing resources are being used, the battery will drain much faster. To avoid this, Avast battery saver allows you to customize four predefined optimization profiles.

The profiles will remain active during the user set time range, and they’ll automatically adjust screen brightness, turn off the internet when the phone is not being used, disable Bluetooth, vibration, screen rotation, etc. Users are allowed to change the settings. For example, I can enable/disable Bluetooth optimization. For some reasons, Avast has not included GPS option in this interface.

This feature is immensely useful as it ensures that battery is optimized automatically from time to time.

App consumption button:

This tool displays user installed apps that are draining your cell phone’s battery quickly. System apps will not be posted unless you check its option from the menu.

On my handset, Avast listed swiftkey keyboard and truedialer. To get more details on the apps, click on its icon or name. Now you’ll see a beautiful interface that has an option to check the CPU usage in the past, last 12, 24 and 168 hours of the app. This interface also displays the internet usage of an active process.

To improve the performance of your smartphone’s battery, tap on the uninstall or stop button. If the app is essential, you should add it to the ignore list (by tapping on the menu icon located at the top-right corner of the display).

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ABS will automatically make you aware of unused apps that are killing your battery via a notification. Users are allowed to disable this feature.

Is the app advertisement free?

Yes! There are no annoying popup, banner ads in the Avast battery saver. There’s a featured app section that can be accessed only through the menu.


  • Fast, simple and auto optimization feature.
  • Ad free makes you aware of the remaining battery life.
  • Low RAM and storage requirements.


  • Ignores and uses GPS.
  • The limited number of features.

Download this free app here.

Conclusion: ABS is a good app with intelligent features. You can use it on Android 4.0 and higher OS running smartphones and tablets. As it doesn’t consume a lot of RAM, Avast Battery saver will run on handsets with 256 OR 512 MB RAM.

ABS lacks useless features like one-touch optimization. It is free and displays remaining battery power in an easy to understand format i.e., percentage. This would have been much better if included a feature to improve charging time as found in CM battery doctor.

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