The battery is one of the most important parts of the phone. Without it, your phone would be a useless piece of junk. Modern handsets with Android or IOS OS and touchscreen displays don’t offer the same talk-time as Nokia 1100, 1300 as 60 to 70% of the battery power is consumed by the display itself. Now people have better choices in the same price range. Thus, they’ll buy a smartphone.

To improve the performance of IOS or Android devices, users can make use of battery saver apps like battery doctor (BD). Battery Doctor is one of the many apps that Cheetah mobiles have published on the Google play store. I’ve started using it because of the below reason:

My Redmi 1s phone offered good battery backup since day 1 I had purchased it. As I’ve been testing and installing many top apps recently, the mobile has been facing power issues. It has also started heating a lot.

Cheetah mobiles Battery Doctor review

I’ve installed BD on my 1s phone via Google play store. Its setup and installation didn’t take much time as the app size is just 6 megabytes. Along with BD, a utility named save power will be automatically installed on your device. If you run this utility, the battery life will improve.

Battery doctor doesn’t require any special permissions. You can use it immediately after the installation. On its main home window, this application displays the current battery status, remaining power in %age, power issues and a button to optimize its usage. It features a bottom menu bar with save, charge, mode and rank options.

Tapping on the optimize button will fix all the issues that are draining the battery quickly. Battery voltage, Its type, and the current temperature are also displayed on the main screen. If you want to enable 3 stage charging or to browse the history, just tap on the charging menu. To check the list of all active Android or IOS services, tap on the rank menu.

Modes menu: This application supports 4 power saving modes – super saving, custom, silent and system. Silent and saving modes will shut down useless utilities & services that are running on your device.

Power usage details: This section in the main interface of the battery doctor app will make you aware of the number of hours you can use WiFi, make 3G calls or play videos before the battery completely drains off.

App usage info: Here you’ll find the top 3 apps and Android/iPhone services that have been consuming the most power in the last 24 hours. To improve the battery performance further, replace the apps that you see in this section with their alternatives. The app usage info can be accessed on the main window of BD.

History: This app collects battery charging, usage data and generates a graph for the same. The main window of BD boasts this graph.

Download battery doctor for Android [free]

Conclusion: Battery Doctor is a useful power saver app. Thus, it should be there on all IOS and Android devices. Each module of this application worked flawlessly in my Redmi 1s handset. The power saver modes will kill or prevent some utilities from starting in the background. Thus, it ensures that not even a single unit of power is wasted. I wish BD had a utility that prevented killed apps from running automatically.


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