Many operating systems that power mobile computing devices like phones and tablets are frustrating. When you install 100s of apps on your device, finding your favorite applications will be an annoying task as you’ll have to open several frames/windows. Thus, you will have to go through all the apps.

Android is better than Symbian and it is as good as IOS & windows phone operating system. It allows you to install launcher apps from third-party developers. Many launchers feature a search bar widget and according to me, it is the best solution to the problem stated above. Some themes and customized Android OS’s lack this widget. In such cases, you can open the Google play store and install launcher apps like Hola, Apus, etc. If you’re looking for an alternative solution, go through the lazy swipe review I’ve shared below.

Lazy aka Omni swipe is an application that allows you to run and find all of your favorite apps easily. It is free and customizable software that can be installed from the Google play store. It requires 1 or 2 MB space on ROM of your device.

Omni Swipe app review

When you install it, activate floating windows permission for Lazy swipe as its interface will be drawn over other icons & widgets. This app will behave abnormally if you don’t do so. Shine app, which gets installed along with Hola launcher has a similar interface as LS.

Features and Review of Omni Swipe

To open Lazy swipe on your Android device, place your finger on the bottom right or the left corner of your screen and swipe it in the opposite direction. You can change the trigger area by navigating to the Lazy swipe settings.

Toolbox: Through this widget, you can remove or add shortcuts to useful utilities like Bluetooth, GPS in your device. If you’re using powerful customized Android OS like MIUI or CyanogenMod, you won’t find this feature useful as you can activate or deactivate WiFi, Bluetooth, and other utilities through the notifications panel itself.

Notifications: Lazy aka Omni swipe features an activity widget that doubles up as a notification system. Your recent activities and notifications from Facebook, Twitter or any other app will appear in its activity, recent or new widgets. Notifications can be removed anytime and they’ll be highlighted with red color. Frankly speaking, the notification system of stock Android OS is more powerful and customizable.

Frequent and new apps: There may be many apps on your phone that you may like and use them frequently. To run your favorite applications without changing the screen or using the search bar, you can move them to any of these two powerful widgets. To delete an application from the widget, long press on its icon and drag it on remove button.

Download here at the play store.

Conclusion: Lazy swipe is an innovative app that allows you to find & run any of your favorite apps quickly. Its floating UI is fast and highly responsive. Users are allowed to change the trigger area of Lazy swipe. They can enable/disable app notifications or change the default theme.

Update: This app is now known as Omni swipe and it has been updated with some new effects and animations.


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