Clean master CM browser is as fast as UCBrowser and much faster than Firefox and Google Chrome. It is one of the lightest and most secure internet browsers of 2016. Because of its incredible features, this application from the CleanMaster is a good alternative to UC browser, Firefox, and Chrome.

Clean master CM browser review

CM browser has home, next, previous page navigation links at the bottom of its main interface. At the top, you’ll find a contextual menu system and a text field where users should enter URL of a website they wanna browse.

If you enter an address of a website, CM browser will automatically switch its interface to full-screen mode and both navigation system of this app will disappear. This mode is smart. Once you’ve reached the top or bottom of a web page, the navigation system will be unhidden if you tap on the floating scroll button.

This free application supports tabbed browsing. If your handset is powerful and has 2+ GB of RAM, 2+ core CPU, you can easily open 5 to 10 tabs at a time. Just like Google Chrome, CM browser supports incognito mode of web-browsing. If you use this feature, files and other important form data won’t be stored in the storage memory of your mobile device. You are allowed to open new incognito tabs too.

CM browser allows you trigger search operation in Google with voice commands/input technology. You don’t have to open Google manually as it has been set as the default search engine in the CM browser app. This app displays many useful links on its main interface.

Most visited URLs will appear at the bottom of the app. At the top, there’s search engine, shortcuts to many popular websites and trending searches. You can add or remove shortcuts.

Just like many pdf reader applications for Android, CM browser includes night-mode. If you’re finding it difficult to read website content in low light condition, simply activate the night mode by navigating to CM browser settings.

Useful tools in this application:

Find: To find a particular word or sentence on a web page, you can use the find tool of the clean master browser.

Translate: To convert the language of any web page, enter its URL in the address field and when the page gets completely loaded, navigate to the menu and tap on translate button.

Share: Many blogs and websites feature a social media sharing widget that allows you to share individual articles or posts on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and other sites. If there are no such buttons on your favorite site, you can share its permalink on the pocket, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or with other devices using Bluetooth, SMS, notes, etc by tapping on share menu of CM browser.

Content display: To enable or disable sponsored advertising, weather notifications, trending searches, recommended games, news articles open content display window.

Security: CM browser keeps your online account and activity safe by blocking fraudulent, phishing and malicious websites. You are allowed to deactivate this feature.

Bookmarks: Users are allowed to import bookmarks from other Android browsers. You can also categorize website links easily.

Download: The process of getting and saving files from the internet is handled by the download manager of CM Browser. You’re allowed to change the folder where the saved files will reside. To prevent automatic downloads, navigate to this app’s setting

Advanced settings: To open links in new tab, preloaded websites, change text size or save data and reduce internet usage, you should disable loading of images in web page. To do this, navigate to advanced settings of CM browser.

Popup blocker: Many websites load annoying subscription boxes, surveys, and advertisements in pop-up windows. If you hate popups, enable this feature of CM browser.

Download here for free.

Conclusion: This application is one of the most powerful mobile browsers I’ve used till date. It has features that you’ll normally find in desktop browsers like Firefox and Google Chrome.

What I really like about CM browser is that it doesn’t break layout or navigation system of websites. The websites that are not mobile-friendly and responsive will be loaded as it is.


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