The Android OS is brilliant but it has some drawbacks. One major shortcoming of the operating system is the size of updates.  When you try to update an app, the Play Store downloads the latest version of the app on your Android device. Once the new APK arrives on your phone, the Play Store replaces the outdated app with it.

Today, Google announced in a blog post that it has rolled out a new and powerful feature which reduces the size of updates by up to 65%.

The new algorithm is amazing. It identifies the new features the developer have added to their app or game. Instead of asking users download the entire APK, it will update the code of outdated files. Google named the new approach of handling updates as file-by-file patching.

The sample code and algorithm that explains the functionality of the new algorithm is listed on Github.

How does the new update work?

According to Google, the function based on the FBF algorithm extracts old and new APK files and compares each file to find the differences

Once it spots the difference, the function updates outdated code in old APK and compiles to generate the AlPK.

Google has incorporated the new function into the Google Play Store app because it takes care of updating the outdated Android apps.

The Google File-By-File patching is a good feature because it makes app and games updates installation faster.

Google tested its new algorithm with popular games and apps. The function reduced update size by 90%.

android app update size

Let’s hope that Google introduces FBP patching in the OS updates.

When it comes to updating Android operating system, users must flash the full ROM and Google Apps to enjoy latest features. The ROM size can be anything between 100 to 600 megabytes. If a ROM is large and the user’s internet connection is slow, the user must wait for 7 to 8 hours.

Keeping the data connection active for several hours kill battery charge rapidly. If Google implements FBFP in OS updater module, updating Android OS will not be a meticulous task.


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