Opera Mini browser has been getting a lot of useful updates to stay as a top alternative to UC browser, FireFox, Chrome and offer better web browsing experience to the existing users.

On 7th March, the browser was updated to version 15.0.2125.101257. The updated app has the below new features:

Data Saving Mode

Opera had implemented its data saving technology in the Opera Max app. The technology is now incorporated in the Opera Mini browser. Desktop and mobile version of Google Chrome, a browser with 1+ billion features a similar module.

UCBrowser uses data compression technology to accelerate the browsing speed and save data. To stay in the competition, Opera had no other option than introducing the data saver module. The data saving mode in Opera supports mobile data connection as well as WiFi.

opera mini 15 data saver

Video Boost

One more exciting addition to the Opera Mini 15 is the Video Booster function. When the user is exploring video streaming website on a slow internet connection, a 5 minutes video may take around 20 minutes to play. If the video booster function is active, the video buffering time will be reduced. This feature will not eliminate the YouTube buffering problem, but it’ll reduce video lagging.

MicroSD card support

The browser has a save to SD card option that allows you to save downloaded files to the MicroSD card. It lets you upload the files saved on the MicroSD card to Google Drive, DropBox, and many other websites.

Photo Shrinker

Opera Mini 15 includes a photo shrinker tool which allows you to resize the pictures before you upload them to a website. The Shrunked images will upload faster, and it will also result in lower data consumption, according to Opera Inc.

Other top features

opera mini video boost reduce YouTube bufferingStatus bar: The background color of Opera Mini’s status bar will automatically change to match the OS UI.

Font: When the phone is switched from portrait to landscape mode, the font size of a web page will automatically increase. This feature improves readability and reduces eyestrain.

Navigation: To make navigation easier, the browser includes a handle which can be dragged to scroll the web page up or down. Because of this new handle, the latest version of Opera Mini now offers better navigation than its earlier versions.

The new features of Opera mini seem to be exciting. If you’re surfing the internet on a slow GPRS connection or if you’re frustrated with the frequent buffering of videos on YouTube or DailyMotion, try out Opera Mini 15.0.


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