Gaming on PC without a proper mechanical or wireless keyboard is nothing but a waste of time. If you’re a gamer who has connected a cheap keyboard or mouse to the computer, then you should consider upgrading your input hardware to one of the below six devices.

Razer BlackWidow Ultimate

This mechanical keyboard features backlit keys that have an impressive lifespan of 60000000 keystrokes. It connects to your PC through a USB connection. BlackWidow Ultimate comes with fiber cables, headphone and mic jacks.

The keyboard is fitted with a button that gives users quick access to in-game functions. It has a 1.5 Kg weight and 0.79 inches thickness. It comes in separate layout options for both Mac and Windows OS. This gaming keyboard costs under $200 (around 13000 Indian Rupees).

razer blackwidow : gaming keyboard under 15000 Rs

BlackWidow Price:Around 13000 Rsamzn btnn

Razer Deathstalker Keyboard

This budget gaming keyboard is one of the best products from the computer hardware manufacturer Razer. It features green and black color emitting LED bulbs encompassed in Deathstalker’s well designed backlit system.

Razer DeathStalker - Best gaming keyboard under 6000 Rs for 2015

This keyboard allows its users to add macro functions to the keys which can significantly improve your performance in games that involves multiple key events. This gaming keyboard is priced at $170. Razer’s Synapse technology designs it. It features a predefined gaming mode.

Razer DeathStalker Price:Below 6000 Rupeesfkart

Marvo Scorpion Keyboard

This is a top rated Marvo product and one of the best gaming keyboards for 2016. This keyboard features 104 keys. It supports USB connectivity and has an excellent life span of 5 million keystrokes. It is priced at 2000 Rs or below 50 dollars.

Marvo Scorpion

Marvo Scorpion is fitted with control keys to control multimedia applications. It features 4 to 5 feet cable. Marvo Scorpion supports Windows series of operating systems. It includes three attractive lighting colors that can be swapped quickly. Along with the gaming keyboard, the user will also get a gaming mouse (combo offer).

Marvo Scorpion Price:Within 2000 to 2200 Rsfkart

DragonWar GK-001 Desert EAGLE Gaming keyword

This device is stylish, durable and highly comfortable. GK-001 does not include a backlit system. It weighs around 470 grams, and it costs under 1000 Rs i.e. around 15 dollars.

Dragonwar GK 001 - best gaming keyboards under 1000 Rs for 2015

The keyboard is accompanied with a specially designed pad that will make your hands feel comfortable during long hours of the gaming session. It has waterproof design and a USB port. The WASD keys on this device have been highlighted with blue color. Thus, you will be able to locate the keys quickly.

Desert Eagle Price:Under 1000 Rsamzn btnn

If you want to own a DragonWar backlit keyboard, then DragonWar GKM 001 is the best available option for you. It is cheap as well as stylish. GKM-001 supports resolutions of up to 3200 DPI. Its USB port has a gold plating. The keyboard weighs just below 1000 grams.

DW GKM-001 Price:Within 2000 to 2500 Rsamzn btnn

Logitech G910

This device features Romer-G switches. Thus, making it one of the fastest mechanical keyboards in the markets. G910 supports ARX control technology. Hence, it can be paired with a tablet or phone to display system information, game statistics, etc.

Logitech G910 - Best Gaming Keyboards for 2015

This keyboard from Logitech comes more than five programmable keys. It features LED-backlit module that supports 16.0+ million RBG color combinations. G910 is fitted with a 6 feet long cable. It weighs 1500 grams and measures 244 mm in length. It is priced at $250 (around 17000 Rs). G910 is well suited for MMO and RTS gaming.

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CoolerMaster devastator:

This gaming keyboard might not be costly, but it has been designed to last long. Its keys are supported by a blue color backlit system. To save energy/power, Devastator includes a separate button to turn off LED lights during the day time.

CoolerMaster Devastator : best gaming keyboards under 5000 Rs

Apart from gaming, this input device supports multimedia, and it has separate keys for launching default Windows software. Devastator features rubber pads that make sure that your palms/hands don’t get slipped off when you’re engaged in a gaming session.

CoolerMaster Devastator Price:Within 4k to 5k rangeamzn btnn