Whether you use a computer for a day or an hour, your activities will leave some useless files behind. These files may include cookies, temp files created by Windows OS, etc. To get rid of junk data, many of you might be using CCleaner or its alternatives – Glary Utilities, SlimCleaner, System Mechanic or Auslogics BootSpeed 9. Today, I’ve shared details on software that you may have come across but never used.

Well, I’m talking about AtomicCleaner, a freeware from a UK-based AtomicWare software company. You can get the freeware’s 1.8 megabytes setup file from atomicware.co.uk website.

If your PC is running on Windows 7, 10, 8.1 or Vista OS, download the installer, run it and finish the installation by accepting terms and conditions. Now start AtomicCleaner by clicking on its Windows Start Menu or desktop shortcut.

AtomicCleaner will show a pop up with a progress bar each time you run it. Once its modules have been loaded, you’ll see the main window of AtomicCleaner. The UI is not very attractive. It may have been purposefully kept simple to keep the program’s size as small as possible.

AtomicCleaner 3 download review

The window flaunts five large buttons to:

  • Clean and analyze the system, web browsers, games.
  • Open the settings panel.
  • Run full system scan and clean tools.

The system cleaner and analyzer tool will prompt you to select the below options:

  • Run cleaner in the Windows directory.
  • Find document, printer, computer, stream, start-menu, thumbnail and font cache files.
  • Analyze Windows Prefetch, error report, crash dump, temp, recycle bin files.
  • Scan log files.

Once you select the desired options, click on the button with the web browsers label and select the options which you’ll find under your browser’s name.

AtomicCleaner can detect and clean unwanted files created by Games.

AtomicCleaner analyzer

Click on the full Analyze button to check how many megabytes of junk files your system has. AtomicCleaner is a remarkably fast program. It took half a second to analyze 34 optimization points which I had selected.

According to the AtomicCleaner3, my PC had 970 megabytes of junk files. The program displayed an option to view the files it has found. It also showed an option to skip the processing of a file/folder.

To get rid of junk files from the PC, close the file analyzer tool and click on the full clean button. If you do so, AtomicCleaner will display a warning dialog box that has a message to close all the browsers. Click the OK button on this dialog and wait for AtomicCleaner to complete the cleaning task.

AtomicCleaner settings

In the settings panel, users can enable automatic updates for the AtomicCleaner 3.0 program and add custom locations which they want the program to analyze and clean.

If the AtomicCleaner 3.0 had generated a log file during a system cleaning task, you can go through the file’s content from the settings window.

That’s all folks! The free PC cleaner tool from AtomicWare is simple. It does the job of removing the useless system and user files exceptionally well. If you like using uncomplicated programs, you must try out the AtomicCleaner. Its UI is neat and functions are easy to use. The program takes just a few megabytes of memory on the computer’s HDD, but it takes 70 to 80 megabytes RAM.


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