Duolingo is an intuitive app to learn Spanish, Italian, french, Dutch, danish, Irish or Swedish, English, and many other languages. To install it on your mobile phone, open Google Play store, search for Duolingo and install it. Google play store will take care of the app installation task.

You can change the English font of Duolingo app to any language of your choice. For example, a student with Hindi background can learn french easily. If users speak Brazilian, they can learn Portuguese or Spanish with this app. This is one of the most attractive and useful features of Duolingo.

Duolingo review (2017)

The main interface of this app has 3 tabs – learn, friends and shop.

Learn: If you want to learn a new language, visit this section. Here, you’ll find 2 levels, beginner and advanced. The 1st level has 5 lessons. If you complete 1st lesson, Duolingo will unlock the next lesson.

Each lesson is interactive and it makes good uses of graphics to teach you a new language. For example, if you’re prompted to select a man from the 4 images displayed on your phone’s screen, tap on the appropriate image and tap on check button.

This feature is similar to Guess the Image game. Once the picture test is over, you’ll have to face the translation test. In this test, the app shows you a sentence in a foreign language. You’ll have to convert it in an English sentence.

Don’t worry, Duolingo will display hints. In case a user fails to select the correct image or he/she enters an incorrect sentence, this app will display a dialog box containing the correct answer.

This free language learning app has a heart rating system. Every incorrect answer will make a heart invisible. If all the hearts disappear, you’ll have to restart the test. If you enter wrong spelling, Duolingo will correct in automatically.

If users complete each lesson in learn section and if they’re confident enough to face any language challenge, they can test their language skills by tapping on the test out button (check the screenshots).

duolingo game to learn a second language

This is a knockout test. It is interactive and tough. As a part of the test, Users will have to translate a foreign text to English. The app makes users hear a sound that plays a foreign sound.

You’ll have to translate it. This is a good feature as you can learn to pronounce foreign words. This app allows you to learn many new languages at a time. To do this, open the Duolingo app menu and tap on the add a course button. I would recommend you to learn 1 language at a time. Users can set a daily goal too.

Friends: This is yet another interesting feature of this free language learning app. In this section, you can create a Duolingo profile by either signing into your facebook or Google+ account or by registering an account manually.

Once Duolingo app creates your profile, you can search for other users or track your learning progress. You can also follow any person you want. Users can easily share their progress with followers.

Unfortunately, the app doesn’t let you update the profile. To change profile picture or interact with other users, log into Dduolingo website. The progress data is not synced with the website. You can access the website features with keyboard shortcuts.

Shop: Duolingo doesn’t display any annoying ads but it has an in-app shop where you can upgrade the features. For each lesson you unlock, you’ll be rewarded a lingo with which, you can unlock new items.

download Duolingo app for Android or iPhone

Final thoughts:
If you’re traveling to some other country or if you’re a student preparing for Portuguese, french, Italian, Spanish, dutch or Irish language exam, install Duolingo app on your Android smartphone or tablet. Anyone can use Duolingo. The app’s navigation and interface are user-friendly.

This app is not memory hogging. I ran Duolingo for 2 hours on my quad-core phone. It didn’t degrade the performance of the Android operating system. This is the best app to learn a second language.


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