Xiaomi is emerging as one of the top tech companies in the world. It has been launching new, unique and highly affordable products every 2/3 months. Yesterday, Xiaomi announced the launch of the 2 new members of Mi series – a 4K smart television (MITV3) and the main board that connects with HDMI enabled devices.

Mi TV3 is one of the cheapest 60 inches 4K LED TV that you can buy. This LED device comes with LG’s latest display. It includes a powerful microprocessor to offer smart features. MiTV3 is powered by MEMC technology that improves the quality of animations and videos displayed on the screen. This LED TV is beautiful because Xiaomi has fitted it with a premium aluminum anodized metal frame. Its thickness is around 11.6 and 36.7 millimeters.

When it comes to sound, Xiaomi has used its audio technology in Mi TV3. This system supports 22 kHz sound and it features subwoofer for theater like experience. Xiaomi Mi TV3 has been designed in such a way that the user can upgrade the main board or display separately.

According to Xiaomi, the replacing cost of Mi TV3 will be cheaper as compared to similar 60-inch LED TVs manufactured by the competitors (like Samsung, Sony, LG) because the 2 units have been assembled separately.

Xiaomi Mi TV3 : 60 inch led TV for 50000 Rs

The main board will be connected to the display unit with the Mi cable. You will have to connect the set-top box, gaming console, Ethernet cable, etc to the board.

Along with the above 60 inch LED TV, Xiaomi has also launched Ninebot and MI TV Bar.

The TV bar is a device that will make your HDTV smart. It features a decent computing hardware that includes Cortex A17 processor, 2GB RAM, 8GB flash storage and WiFi device. The TV Bar supports 4K content and you can use it along with a Bluetooth v4.1 remote. It is priced around 150 dollars. Xiaomi is selling subwoofer system and a remote control unit with it for RMB 600 (below 100 USD) and 15 USD.

Ninebot Mini is also one of the latest products from Xiaomi. NM is nothing but a small scooter that has a decent maximum speed of 16 kilometers per hour. Unlike most the 2 wheeler vehicles running on the road, Ninebot mini doesn’t use petrol.

Xiaomi Ninebot Mini

Xiaomi has packed with a powerful battery that can power this device for up to 22 kilometers Ninebot weights below 13 kilograms. It can easily climb up to 15 degrees. It will cost around 300 dollars (18000 INR)

As of now, Xiaomi has added televisions, phones, health gadgets, routers, water purifier and tabs to its portfolio. The company has announced that it will be soon launching a laptop. It would interesting to see what product Xiaomi will launch in its next event.

Source: Xiaomi


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