VU, the US-based manufacturer will be soon updating its online store on Flipkart by launching 15 LED televisions. Interestingly, VU will be launching the televisions for every budget. The latest and the cheapest TV has a 19 inches panel and it costs just 9000 Rs. The costliest device has a curved LED 65 inches screen and it carries a price tag of 9,99,900 Rs.

VU has categorized its TVs in 3 sections. The budget TVs will cost within 9000 to 29000 Rs. They’ll be available with 19, 32, 28, 40 and 24 inch HD displays. The next range is named as the luxury segment.

Each device in this range will cost within 29000 to 160000 and they feature full high-definition 65, 40, 50 and 55 inches panel. The last category of the latest VU LED TVs boasts ultra-high definition displays. Their screen measures 40+ inches in size.


The 15 VU LED TVs have an HDMI and USB port. They have an interactive menu that allows users to adjust screen ratio, picture mode, color, brightness, sound quality,..etc. The televisions will go on sale initially through Flipkart before 31st of March 2015. They will be available for purchase on other eCommerce sites too.

After launching its 15 latest HD, FHD, 4K, TVs, VU has announced that it is expecting a revenue in excess of 50 million dollars. The competition is tough as VU will be competing against manufacturers like LG, Samsung, Toshiba, Panasonic, etc.

Domestic brands like Videocon and Micromax are popular in the Indian markets too. Sony is facing bad time with its TV and phone business. Some news sources claim that Sony will be quitting these 2 businesses. Thus, Sony is no more a competitor to VU. But some of its old LED TVs with Bravia engine are still in high demand in India.

Anyways, will you buy one of these televisions? Please share your thoughts on these upcoming LED TVs.


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