When husband and wife are working professionals, washing clothes becomes a troublesome and time-wasting task. Most working class people leave their clothes at nearby laundry. Some people consider buying a washing machine from a top brand.

Buying a WM is a good decision as the laundries are unhygienic. I’ve seen workers mixing up clothes given at homes with scrubs. They carry clothes at a nearby pond filled with dirty water and smash your precious attires hard on the flat rocky surface. Imagine you have bought a precious Peter England shirt worth 1000 Rs and your wife has purchased an expensive gown.

Would you want the laundryman to mix your shirt and wife’s gown with clothing worn by surgeons who carry out operations on patients suffering from deadly diseases? The answer would obviously be no!

One more reason to buy washing machine is health. Women washing clothes may suffer from osteoporosis in the future. When the spinal cord bones become weak, your wife or mother may suffer from severe back pain.

In today’s world, Washing machine has become a must have household appliances. They are available for purchase starting at $100 in following types:

  1. Front loading.
  2. Top loading.
  3. Semi-automatic.
  4. Fully automatic.

Combine 1 and 2 with 3 and 4. Washing machines are one of the best innovations by mankind. They save our time. Several companies introduce washing machines. But, we should always buy stuff from popular brands because of the following two reasons:

Energy: Washing machines require electricity. A poorly designed machine may consume large units of power. An energy star rated WM will help you save power.

Customer Support: Imagine that you have bought a washing machine from a third-class local brand, and the company suspends its operation after years. If the machine gets damaged, your hard earned money will be wasted.

best washing machine brands in India price list 2016

Washing machines have 5, 5.5, 6, 6.5 7 Kg capacities and require 350 to 2400 KW power. Companies equip them with a durable drum that spins at 1000 to 1300 RPM for drying your clothes. High-end WMs offer digital display.

Top 6 best washing machine brand you can trust

LG Washing Machines

LG is a company that launches washing machines for every budget. Whether your budget is below 10000 or over 20000, you can easily own an LG WM.

We have LG LED TV, refrigerators, a washing machine. From my personal experiences, I can say that LG devices never disrupts your financial life. They are budget friendly and have high-quality components.

My dad bought an LG fully automatic washing machine back in 2007 for Rs 18000 and we’re still using it. The machine is in great condition.

LG is a manufacturer of fully, semi, front/top loading machines. The Korean firm provides 2 years of warranty with its devices.

LG best-selling washing machines price list India

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Haier washing machines

Chinese firms are known for launching cheap products no matter what the products it. Haier is well-known MCN from China that has set up its branches in all major countries. Its washing machines are quite popular in the United States and India. Being a large company and having 100 thousands of customers, Haier has 1000s of service centers across the world. Below are its top-selling washing machines:

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Top Samsung Washing Machines in India

Korea is the home to one of the most innovative firms of all times, Samsung. The Korean MNC technology giant manufactures camera sensors, LCD LED televisions, processors, tablets, smartphones, laptops, refrigerators, washing machines, etc.

Whenever people buy a large household, they always shortlist two brands i.e. LG and Samsung.

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Bosch Washing Machines in India

Bosch is one of the leading players in the consumer electronics segment. The UK-based firm has been on a roll ever since it started launching washing machines. Some of its WMs have outsold the products launched by its competitors which include LG, Samsung, Haier.

Below are the best-selling washing machines that provide excellent features:

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Godrej is NSE Sensex listed company based in India. It is a trustworthy brand that launches household appliances at a great price. Godrej washing machines are always in huge demand, thanks to the high-quality materials the firm uses in its devices. Here are its best WMs in India.

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Whirlpool is one of the best brands when it comes to washing machines. It is an American firm with a great understanding of Indian consumers. It has introduced plenty of WMs for a budget below 10000, 15000, 20000, and 30000 Rs respectively. The best devices among them are as follows:

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Conclusion: We have covered top class washing machine from good brands. We’ll keep updating this post with new products from top manufacturers.


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