Developed by Piriform, Speccy is a free system information software for Windows. It is a lightweight program that runs on Windows 10, 7, 8 and Vista operating systems. The software has been launched in 32 bit and 64-bit versions. A portable version has been launched as well.

Speccy software is easy to handle. Its latest version is 1.29.714. Its UI is simple. When you download, install and run this system information tool, Speccy will analyze your computer hardware. This process executes every time you run the program. Thus, it makes sure that the software detects newly installed hardware.

Speccy is capable of identifying all peripheral devices connected to the computer. The peripherals include keyboards, mouse, web camera, printers, etc. It can also identify the driver files of the connected hardware. The Speccy SIW program will display the path to the driver file on Windows.

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Speccy reveals full details of the network card installed (and available connections) on your computer. It displays the below information:

  • IP address.
  • Subnet mask.
  • Adapter type.
  • Gateway or DHCP server.

If WiFi hardware is found, speccy will display SSID, Frequency, signal strength, security type and many other details. This software will also share details of the other WiFi access points available at the same place.

The program displays adapter list, shared networks, current TCP connections and proxy information too.

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Speccy gives you a detailed insight of the operating system. It checks if a security software has been installed or not. If installed, this system information utility will detect whether the virus definitions are up to date or not.

Speccy displays the below useful info of Windows OS:

  • Installation time.
  • Serial number.
  • OS type (32 or 64 bit)
  • Computer type i.e. desktop or notebook.
  • User account control.
  • Power shell, dot net framework, IE version.
  • Battery state, type, charge level.
  • Installed hot fixes, etc.

The motherboard section will make you aware of the motherboard manufacturer, model no, chipset version, the chipset vendor, connected PCI components, available PCI slots and many other useful details.

speccy : best system information tool for Windows

If you want complete details of the Graphics card, open speccy and visit its GPU section where you’ll find:

  • The maximum and current monitor resolution.
  • Graphics card manufacturer, clock speed, mode, Device ID.
  • GPU memory, version, bandwidth, memory type (DDR3, DDR4, DDR5).

Along with the above details, the speccy free system information viewer software will let you know about the current GPU, Storage and CPU temperature. It displays full information on connected optical drives, storage hardware, RAM, CPU and audio devices.

The software shows the media type (DVD or CD), manufacturer, availability, read/write capabilities and status of the optical drives.

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Speccy will make users aware of the LBA size, cylinder, heads, tracks, man/min transfer speed, RAID Level, firmware version number of the storage hardware.

Speccy, the best system information tool can save the system snapshot to the storage device. Saved Snapshots can be opened for future reference.

Speccy can save the system details as a text or XML format file. It can also print the details displayed in the interface.

Speccy features an options tool in which you can change the software’s default language from English or any other of your choice. The options utility lets you change the temperature metric from Celsius to Fahrenheit. It allows users to configure UAC warnings for Windows.

Why and when will need system information?

Suppose a new high-end game has been launched and you’ve made up your mind to buy it. If your PC or laptop has good specs and dedicated GPU, then you will be able to run the game.

For the best experience, you should make sure that the hardware fully supports the software you’re about to purchase on your computer. PC Games can be run in various settings and resolutions. If you buy a game without research, your money will be wasted. The best research you can do is use speccy to get full system information and purchase the software supported by your computer.

While buying stuff online, we check the specifications shared by the manufacturer. Imagine you’re buying a PC whose specs are as follows:

  • 1600 MHz DDR5 RAM.
  • 1.8 GHz AMD 10 Processor.

If the company ships a PC whose configuration is not as the one shared on the eCommerce website, then you’re being looted. To make sure that you’re not fooled, install and run software that reveals system information immediately after buying a new computer.

A human body will not accept an organ unless there’s a blood type match. Computers are like humans. They’ll not work (or malfunction) when you connect incompatible hardware. A system information tool will make you aware of the complete details of the hardware in your PC.

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Conclusion: There are a lot of free systems information utilities, and Speccy can be considered the best among them. It generates all types of reports. It lets users save details to a .txt file. Speccy is useful in many ways. Thus, it is an essential software for Windows.


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