Overheating is one of the primary reason why the hardware (especially the CPU) in a laptop or computer might be damaged. Most desktops and notebooks ship with a good cooling system. But one day or the other, a fan that controls the temperature of motherboard or CPU might stop functioning, and you may not be aware of it. A virus program might be wasting your CPU by generating 100’s of threads repeatedly.

These are the two top reason for CPU over-heating. In my perspective, the best way to detect the overheating problem on a Windows or Linux laptop or computer is by running software like SpeedFan. Before we have a look at the features of this application, let’s find out why should we keep an eye on our computer’s CPU temperature:

Prevent damages: No other component in a computer or a laptop is as important as a microprocessor. When all of its cores are being used, the CPU handles 100s of megabyte data every minute. It executes multiple threads in round-robin/FIFO manner (or by any other CPU scheduling algorithm). If it is damaged, your system will stop functioning, and you’ll have no other option than buying a new processor. Monitoring CPU temperature will make you aware of the faulty PC cooling system.

Smooth performance: Overheating problem mainly occurs when all cores of a CPU are active for a long time, and they process data at their highest clock speed. As one or two applications are heavily using the processor, other software or OS service might fail to run. Unless you’re a developer or a graphic designer or if you’re running a CPU stress testing software, you won’t face this situation. If you’re not running a CPU demanding program, malware or virus may be causing this problem.

A lightweight software that can make you aware of your CPU temperature in real-time is SpeedFan. This application requires just 6 MB storage memory. It doesn’t use a high volume of RAM too. When you install and run it, SpeedFan will detect your computer hardware, and it will display its temperature and voltage usage. As you can see in the below picture, SpeedFan is showing the temperature of processor cores, RAM module, and PCH.

free CPU temperature Monitor software for Windows PC

This free software can generate a real-time chart for the same. If you want to check the current temperature of other hardware or if you want to change settings/preferences, you must navigate to the SpeedFan’s configuration window.

speedfan tutorial configuration window

Speedfan can prevent overheating of hardware as it can automatically increase the FAN speed. This application has some advanced features like automatic clock speed control. Unless you’re a computer expert, you shouldn’t change any settings in speed fan’s advanced section. If you’re using an old notebook or PC, make sure that you install this software.


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