iPhone 6 is an awesome device as it features the latest Apple hardware. It was made available for purchase a few days ago and Apple has managed to sell more than 2.5+ million units up to this time. If you can’t afford to buy $1300 iPhone 6, you should have a look at the specs of its Clone SoPhone i6.

This handset looks exactly like the flagship Apple device but it not running the IOS. It has Android 4.3 OS, IOS7 Icon pack and Google play store app residing on the on-board 4GB flash drive. The clone is packed with a capacitive 4.7 IPS qHD multi-touch display. It has a monstrous 4.9 MP front camera and a 13.0 MP FHD rear snapper.

SoPhone i6 is enabled with digital zoom function. It offers GSM, WLAN, USB, EDGE, GPS and HSPA+ connectivity. Equipped with an MT6582 quad-core 1.3 GHz Mediatek CPU, the iPhone 6 clone has SD card slot and a 2GB RAM. It has lightning USB port, a digital compass sensor, and an 1810 mAh capacity battery.

SoPhone i6 price in India

Priced at $140 (below 9000 in India), i6 gives 160 to 199 hours talk-time. It is 7.5 mm thin, 2.6 inches wide and 140 mm long. If you’re eager to buy the soPhone, visit fastcardtech website.

If you’re not a huge fan of Apple products or if you’re not a person who can spend over 30000 Rs in a smartphone, you should consider buying the best smartphone under 10000 Rupees from big brands like Xiaomi, Lenovo or Micromax.

Clones of high-end smartphones will not offer the same experience and amazing features as found in the original device. If you like the UI of IOS operating system, you should download and install the IOS ICON packs on your Android device. You will find many of them on the XDA developers forum.




  2. Akshit

    Does ios of clone iphone updates when other iphones ios update and do I need to make this clone country unlocked

    • Pramod Choudhary

      Please read the article carefully as the phone runs Android not IOS

      • Rajat Joshi

        Hello Mr Pramod Chaudhary.
        Did you buy this ‘Sophone i6’ ?
        And if it is yes ,so can you send me some information about how to purchase it. Cause I want it for my father. 🙂
        My email address is “rajatjoshi36@gmail.com”
        My fb name is “Rajat Joshi”.
        Please reply soon.
        Thanks 🙂


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