EA Sports has recently published its FIFA 15 Ultimate team game on the Google play store. This new app works on Android Ginger Bread 2.3.3 OS running tablets and phones. It can be downloaded and installed on IOS devices too. This free game lets you trade and control over 9000 players from 450+ different teams. When you’re done with choosing your team, Fifa 15 allows you take part in 30 popular tournaments.

To name a few, there’s an English Premier League, Bundesliga, and La Liga. FIFA 2015 also lets users build their squad. You can add powerful strikers like Lionel Messi, Neymar Jr, Zlatan Ibrahimovic to one squad.

In real tournaments, you won’t find the world’s best players in one team as it would be invincible and the game would be one-sided. But as you’ve to control the movement, positions of the players, this feature is FIFA 2015 won’t make any difference in the gameplay.

download Fifa 15 Ultimate Team for Android

This game features more than 25 different stadiums. According to EA Sports, the graphics and animations in it are visually stunning. To make the gameplay enjoyable, FIFA 2015 includes various types of player formations and styles.

It has a simulation mode in which you can watch your team compete with other squads. It lets you manage substitutions. It includes classic controls for users who don’t want to use too many buttons while playing.

Download here.

This game allows you to practice shots, dribbling, passes and kicks. It features in-app purchases. This version of FIFA lacks penalty kicks, career and manager modes. It supports Steelseries, Logitech, Mad Catz and Moga wireless controllers.

This app from EA Sports requires 1.3 GB of installation space. For a better experience, you must install Fifa 2015 only on quad-core or octa-core handsets with Mali 400 or Adreno 305 GPU. The graphics output will not be good on low-end entry level mobiles.


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