Ricoh’s latest WG-M1 action camera can be preordered online for a budget $300 price. This device is tough. It can work flawlessly at a depth of 32 feet in waters. It can even work at -10 degrees temperature.

WG-M1 can capture 4320 x 3240 pixel 10 or 14 megabytes still images and FHD videos of max 25 minutes length, thanks to its CMOS 14.0 megapixel sensor of 1/2.3 inch size.

The sensor is accompanied with a fixed focus Ricoh F2.8 lens that supports 160 degrees wide-angle views. It has a primary color filter. This camera has 100 MB of flash storage and a 38.1 mm LCD. It lacks a viewfinder, Hence, you won’t be able to frame your shots. Ricoh WG-M1 connects to HDMI and USB 2.0 enabled devices (including computer systems Windows or MAC OS).

WG-M1 has a DB-65 LI-ON battery that can be charged up to 100% in 3.3 hours. This camera delivers 400 minutes of video playback time. It records audio in PCM stereo formats. It supports burst shot, image stabilization, face + motion detection and blur reduction.

WG-M1 can record 30 and 120 video frames per second. As it is an action camera, WG-M1 has been built with strong materials that can withstand accidental drops or extreme environmental conditions.Ricoh WG-M1

This snapper has electronic/mechanical shutter and loop recording + time-lapse functions. Slow motion video recording in WG-M1 is possible at a rate of 120 FPS. This camera supports AiAE, TTL, AE metering, auto ISO and several white balancing modes. It has 66.04 x 43.18 x 88.9 mm dimensions.

Made from polycarbonate and aluminium material, WG-M1 has a common slot for micro SDHC cards. When launched in the Indian subcontinent, this Ricoh camera will be priced under 18000. If you’re staying in the United States, you can buy WG-M1 on websites like Amazon, BHP, etc for within 150 to 299 US dollars.

Source: Ricoh


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