About Pramod Choudhary

pramod choudharyI’m Pramod Choudhary and I own this site. I hold a Masters degree in Computer Sciences. I have worked as a Java/J2EE Developer in an IT company in Pune. I have good knowledge of PHP, Java, JavaScript, Unix OS, C#, and CSS.

I have a great passion for developing applications, designing and customizing websites. I have decided to make my passion as a key source of living. Though I don’t have much of a professional work experience (because I had quit my job in the year 2012), I’ve learned a lot from the year I spent in IT industry. I feel skills matter more than the experiences. If you have got the skills then you should use it to your benefit.

I had no intentions to start a website I discovered its potential benefits. While searching for some marketing tips on Google, I read somewhere that you can easily earn money online. Thus, I registered a domain name techwayz and launched my 1st website. You shouldn’t do what i did as it’s not that easy to earn cash from the Internet. Quitting a job is like cutting off the nose to spite the face. I have worked extremely hard (16 to 18 hours daily) to make techwayz a successful site.

Apart from managing websites and writing code, my other passions include roaming alone, watching crime/thriller shows on televisions, thinking about my past life :P, spending time with family, playing computer games, etc.

I love gadgets. I own a Xiaomi phone and a Lenovo laptop.

About this site

Techwayz.com went live on 1st of May 2013. This website shares details on high-quality gadgets, smartphones, services, internet resources, and applications. Techwayz reveals details on upcoming computing devices and its peripherals. To be updated with the latest news in the world of technology, make sure that you join me on Twitter,  Facebook, LinkedIn.

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