Here, we’ve covered the best cameras below 15K in India. Our list includes top class budget cameras from leading brands i.e. Nikon, Canon, Sony. The devices we’ve shared here are the best in the markets. They have excellent ratings on eCommerce firms such as Flipkart and Amazon.

The cameras provide good zoom, powerful lens, and USB or WiFi connectivity option. They have user-friendly functions suitable for any type of photographer.

The cameras are compact, lightweight and have a great design. They have excellent ISO sensitivity range and a screen that enables you to view the video recordings and captured photos. Here’s the list of great budget cameras that you can buy in India.

6 Best cameras under 15000 Rs in India (Point and shoot)

6Canon SX430

SX430 from Canon is one of the most advanced budget digital cameras under 15000 Rs. It is one of the best in the business. It is a great alternative to L840 camera, which is out of stock on all eCommerce websites.

The SX430 Canon camera provides an excellent optical zoom. It supports macro mode and the following features:

  • Weighs around 320 grams.
  • 119 by 89 by 97.5 millimeters in dimensions.
  • Supports 45 times optical and 90 times digital zoom (Zoom Plus).
  • 3.0 inch LCD screen.
  • Supports aspect ratios up to 16:9.
  • Supports full HD 1920 x 1080 pixels video recording at 30 FPS.
  • ISO range up to 800.
  • 20-megapixel sensor with Digic 4+ processor.
  • Face detection system, NFC, and WiFi.
  • Inbuilt storage memory with support for SD card.
  • F3 to F5.6 Aperture range.
  • 230K dots screen resolution.
  • Has an electronic viewfinder, self-timer function.
  • Provides good battery life. SX430 lasts for up to 260 shots.

The Canon SX430 camera costs Rs 14300.

Buy from Flipkart

5Canon Powershot SX620 HS

Launched in India last year, SX620 is one of the latest digital cameras on our list. Powershot SX620 is an enhanced version of the SX430 camera. It offers network connectivity options in the form of NFC and WiFi.

SX620 supports 25 times optical zoom. It has a good battery life. SX620 camera packs the following features:

  • Point and shoot functionality.
  • Intelligent IS modes for the perfect shot.
  • 20+ megapixel camera with CMOS sensor, decent focal length.
  • 25 x optical zoom, wide-angle 24 millimeters lens.
  • 3.0 inches LCD display with the resolution of 900K dots.
  • Can record full HD 1920 x 1080 pixel videos.
  • Supports aspect ratios of 16:9 and 4:3.
  • Lithium ION battery, ISO levels up to 3200.
  • Digic 4+ image processor.
  • SD card support, continuous shots at the speed of 1 shots per 2 seconds.
  • 183 grams weight.
  • F3.2 to F6.6 Aperture range.

The price of SX620 Canon Powershot camera is 14991 Rupees.

Buy from Amazon

4Sony Cybershot WX220

Priced below 14000 Rs, Cybershot WX220 budget digital camera is an impressive device. Beginners will find it easy use. WX220 has the following features:

  • Compact dimensions and excellent design.
  • 391 grams weight, built-in WiFi.
  • Advanced point and shoot functionality.
  • Powerful BIONZ X processor, wide angle lens.
  • Supports 10 times optical zoom.
  • 2.7 inches TFT LCD ClearPhoto display.
  • Supports 720p, 1080p video recording and aspect ratios of 16 is to 9, and four is to 3.
  • 18.20-megapixel Sony EXMOR sensor.
  • Supports alkaline battery, features Micro HDMI port and provides USB connectivity option.
  • Support for storage memory expansion through SD card.
  • High-quality lens, 230 shots battery life.

Cybershot WX220 costs Rupees 13000 in India.

Buy from Amazon

3Nikon Coolpix B500

Nikon had launched its B500 camera in India in May 2016. B500 is an advanced camera that includes 3 inches high-resolution tiltable display and a latest Nikkor lens. This camera offers support for recording FHD videos. It has a fast and high-performance auto-focus system.

This Nikon camera supports 40 times optical zoom, continuous shots, HDMI/USB & Bluetooth connectivity. Coolpix B500 has 0.5 KG weight. It packs a 16 million pixel sensor which generates high-res 16 MB images. B500 includes 12 elements lens and supports 4 x digital zoom. The max focal length supported by the lens in B500 is 160mm. The camera has a modern design.

The price of CoolPix B500 camera’s price is Rs 15400.

Buy from Amazon

2Canon IXUS 285HS

IXUS 285 HS is one of the latest and best digital Canon cameras within 12000 to 13000 Rs. It provides the below features:

  • 146.8 grams weight.
  • Compact dimension.
  • 12 times optical and 24 times digital zoom.
  • 3 inches liquid crystal display with 461K dots resolution.
  • Superb shutter speed.
  • 20.20 megapixels camera CCD 1/2.3 type sensor, excellent focal length.
  • Supports wide angle shooting and full high-definition resolution.
  • USB connectivity, NO HDMI port.
  • Different color options.
  • Powerful flash (with four modes) that has a range up to 13 feet.
  • Lithium ION battery, the latest Digic processor for faster conversion, image processing.
  • F3.6 to F20 Aperture Range.
  • Wireless connectivity option and NFC module.

Canon IXUS 285HS camera’s price in India is within 12000 to 13000 Rupees.

Buy from Amazon

1Sony Cybershot H300

H300 is one of the best Sony CyberShot series cameras below 15000 Rs. It has the below features and specifications-

  • Weighs about 500 grams.
  • Supports 360 degrees sweep panorama.
  • 122.9 x 83.2 x 87.2 millimeters dimension.
  • 20.1 megapixel HAD CCD sensor with Sony lens.
  • Up to 280 times VGA digital zoom.
  • Supports digital and 35 times optical zooming.
  • 3 inches TFT LCD ClearPhoto liquid crystal display.
  • Supports 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratio.
  • High contrast in the low light environment.
  • Clear zoom feature for videos.
  • Nine amazing picture effects.
  • Wireless connectivity option with NFC and WiFi.
  • 55 megabytes memory with SD card support.
  • Long lasting battery, five flash modes.
  • Supports high-resolution video recording.
  • Aperture ranges from f3.0 to f5.9.

Sony Cybershot H300 camera is priced at 13450 Rupees.

Buy from Amazon

Conclusion: Canon SX430, Powershot SX620 HS, IXUS 285HS, Sony Cybershot WX220, H300 and Nikon Coolpix B500 are best digital camera under 15000 Rs in India.

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  1. Anish Das

    I want a point and shoot camera under 15k budget, with which I can shoot good quality pictures in tour, and in low light. I need a camera which has a good optical zoom and good depth field effect. I will not use it for recording video. Only good picture is my demand

  2. Sagar

    I need a point and shoot camera with flip out screen under 11k.

    • Debasish

      Nikon B500

  3. Vishnu Murmu

    Suggest me the best camera under 15000, which has good battery life, good low light performance, excellent zoom and picture clarity. Which camera should I buy?

  4. Munna Kumar choudhary

    I want to purchase a DSLR video camera for commercial use. Please suggest a camera which has the best zoom and good video recording facility.

  5. Pari

    I want to make beauty videos. Which camera would be perfect for this task? Also, it should be a low light one. My budget is 15000.

    • H300 records HD videos and it is a great camera for low-light photography (in the 15k budget).

  6. Punit

    I want SLR less than 15K pls help me

  7. Krishnendu Kar

    I need a Nikon camera under Rs.15000, i don’t which camera is best plz suggeste me best in my bugget.
    And also speciation.
    Thank u…

  8. meet

    I want to buy best color resolution like canon 700d and canon 1300d but my budget is only 15000/- which is the best camera under 15000-17000?

  9. Vishal Khatree

    Sir, if I want to make subject focused and background blurred, then what matters in camera, aperture or shutter speed or ISO ?
    And also tell me how much can 1200D/1300D zoom in comparison to Sx530 ?

  10. Ishika

    I want to buy a camera between 15000-17000 …with CMOS sensor and with good clarity…please suggest me

  11. Alok

    My budget is 15000 can you help me which is the best camera for me in low light and best in zooming and best clarity?

  12. mohammed moin

    I want a DSLR camera under 20000/-
    For portrait and macro Shots with good clarity….

  13. mohammed moin

    I want a camera under 20000/-
    For portrait and macro Shots with good clarity….

  14. girupa karan

    Sony DSC-H300 it’s best in 15000…? Pls any one sa me fnds I want buy a camera in RS.15000

  15. eric

    which one is better : Sony Cybershot DSC H300

    Sony Cyber-shot WX350 ??

    i want a camera for clicking pictures with clarity and colours. i dont travel much but yes i am a picture clicking personality and i can click anything. i am confused among these also :

    canon powershot sx410

    nikon coopix l840

    guise me for a better purchase that i may not feel sorry for

  16. shashank

    Best camera under 18000 for photo shoot?

  17. Abhishek

    What is the best DSLR under 15000 for background blur

  18. Rishabh

    Nikon p530 or l840?

  19. Sourabh chakraborty

    Sir, i want to know, is 16 is perfect for good photography? My budget is 15000. I can’t decide, what camera i should bye. I want upto 35x optical zoom. Sir, please suggest me.

    • Boss Divyansh

      Go for cannon powershot sx 410
      it is fit in your budget and 40x optical zoom and 20.2 mp …..

  20. Reetika

    Sir dnt have much knowledge about cameras, I want to gift it to my husband on his birthday, my range is around 15000, I need to buy a camera with good picture quality as we go out on vacations and with good battery life, please suggest me

  21. Abhishek

    Hi , can plz tell which is the best camera for video recording indoors for YouTube under 15000 ….thanks

    • Powershot SX610 or SX410 work well in low light conditions. You can choose one between the two.

  22. Aditya

    I want a purchase a good zoom point and shoot camera. Is NIKON L840 a good option ??

    • Smarty Richee Banna

      yes , Aditya Nikon L840 is good but in future if you want to upgrade your photography skill then i prefer you to buy Nikon D400.

  23. Jubin

    Confused with Nikon 840,p 530,canon sx 410,and pentax xg 1. I need a long zoom camera with good clarity.
    What is your suggestion.

    • Smarty Richee Banna

      No need to Create confusion in your mind…
      Every Digital SLR is best & if you need more zooming then purchase interchangeable lens of 200 mm , 300 mm. I prefer 300mm for New & Camera Lover’s..
      It is not so costly available on online sites @ ₹12,000

  24. ambarish swain


  25. Divineson

    Sir i am searching for camera which is below 15000 please recommend me a good one .

    • Compare your requirements with the details of cameras I’ve shared in the article. You’ll be able to make the decision by yourself.

  26. Sundar

    I like to purchase a high zoom point and shoot camera around budget of Rs.15000/-
    purpose for outdoor tours & family shots. I have chosen Nikon L840 & Sony DSC-H300 , confused to purchase which is best to purchase.Kindly suggest me…. with detail description.

    • Pramod

      L840 because it has some features that you will not find the DSC H300

  27. saba ahmed

    I want a camera with best pictures??…help me plzzz


    I want camera for beginner which can be used/modified in due course .my budget is 20,000/- to 30,000/-

  29. Raghavi

    I want to buy a camera to captire my makeup work, budget is under ₹15000. Which will be the best suitable option for me ?

    • Smarty Richee Banna

      Hello Raghavi, Under your budget the best in class & clarified DSLR is Nikon L840..
      for more details visit

  30. ashif

    Hello sir,
    I want to buy a camera within a price range of rs 15000. For this i have choosen two models. Both belong to sony cybershot series. One of them is dsc-wx80 and other is dsc-wx220. Sir but i’m badly confused about the right choice. Plz help me..!!

  31. prashant jaiswal

    sony hx 200 is awsm camera

  32. Vipin Babu Velayudhan

    I want to know about camera’s that have lcd screens rotating and price under 15000.

  33. Vipin Babu Velayudhan

    I want to about camera that have lcd screens rotating and price under 15000.

  34. rakesh

    sir, hi

    i am confused between Canon sx400 and canon sx520 hs. I m not much savvy about cameras,.. my range is upto 15000. my need only camera with rechargeable battery and good picture.. kindly suggest, if any one out of these two or from the these two.

    Rakesh Chawla 09871123419

    • Razzak

      Nikon L830 is Best.


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