Photography is incomplete without editing. No matter what camera you use, you’ll always apply a special effect on the picture to make it look more beautiful. We’ve already shared the best Android camera apps that feature 100s of cool video and image effects. But unfortunately, none of the app mentioned in that article allows you to record slo-mo videos. Slow motion is a special effect that can be applied to any video.

In the early 2000s, you had to buy a powerful camera for 1000s of dollars to record slo-mo videos. Now newer and cheaper technology has evolved. Thus, you can easily find and use this effect in any modern budget DSLR, SLR or action camera.

Some high-end phones like iPhone support it too. This effect is achieved by forcing the camera to record video frames at a very high rate. The 1st technique to capture a slow-motion video was discovered in the 20th century. Since then, several new techniques have evolved.

If you have an Android phone or IOS device, you can easily create Ultra slow videos with free and the best slow-motion camera apps we’ve shared below:

Top 3 Best Android slow motion apps for 2017

1Slow Motion Video FX

This is a free app that doesn’t come with any special requirements. If you own an Android device, you can download and install Slow Motion Video FX for free.

This app comes with some amazing and unique tools. It allows you to upload and shared videos on high traffic sites like YouTube and Instagram. Thus, you can use this slow-motion camera app smartly to increase your followers. The latest version of SMVFX has better sound processing engine. Thus, audio output will be better than what you expect.

This app allows you to set the number of frames that your camera should record in a second. This is its coolest feature. When you install and run this slow-motion camera app, you’ll see two important buttons i.e shortcuts to the photo gallery and slo-mo video recorder.

This app creates its own gallery where recorded videos will be saved. To begin capturing slo-mo videos, tap on the start button. If you do this, you’ll be presented with an option to record movie or load file from the storage of your phone.

If you select the 1st option, the default camera app of your phone will run and you’ve to record a video with it. When the clip has been captured, select the 2nd option and locate the file in your phone’s gallery. Now you’ll see a new interface.

Select the start and end frame, tap on the start button and select the movie speed. Choosing a value below 1 will force this app to produce a slow-motion video output. When the speed has been selected, tap and the OK button. Done! Your slow motion video will be created and it will be saved in this app’s gallery. This application is simple and it includes advertisements. To get rid of ads, users should upgrade to the pro version.

Download it here for free

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This is the 2nd best slow-motion camera app. The above app has an average 4 rating and it is being used by half a million people. SloPro has a decent rating of 3.8 and it has been installed on 100000 Android devices.

Just like Video FX, Slo Pro will run your camera app with which, you should record the input video. Thus, the O/P will depend on your phone camera. If your handset camera has a low-resolution sensor, don’t expect great result with this app.

If your phone is equipped with Sony Exmor, LG or Samsung camera, the slow-motion video generated with SloPro will be of very high quality.

This app has a video import tool. When you run it, you’ll see a thumbnail view of all videos stored on your phone. Once you’ve selected a video, SloPro will present an option to apply clip in/out or speed in/out effects to the video. The most annoying feature of SloPro is that it shows the buy now button on its main interface.

The output videos generated by this app are not of very good quality (I’ve tested it on a video recorded by Sony Exmor sensor on a quad-core Snapdragon phone). SloPro is available for Android on the Google play store. iPhone users can download it from iTunes.

3Reaction slow motion pro

This is the smallest app in this just. Weighing just 4.5 megabytes, RSMP is free from all types of ads. It has a very simple interface that features settings and upload button.

To create slow-motion videos, select a file from your gallery and select the initial frame by moving the slider. RSMP allows you to create short 5 or 10 seconds videos. Unlike the above app, RSMP does not add noise to the videos. The quality or resolution remains unaffected.

When your slo-mo or short video has been created, you can either export it to your phone’s SD card or you can share it on Instagram, Twitter or any other website. I’m quite surprised that Reaction slow motion pro has an ordinary rating of 3.0.

Download it here

Conclusion: Slow motion effect has become quite popular these days. It is being heavily employed in action movies and sports. Some professionals use it to create training videos for students and junior employees.

If you love this effect, just download and install any of the above best slow-motion camera apps for Android device or iPhone and share your work on social networks. If you’ve any similar or better app to share, please contact us or use our comment form to make us/other readers aware of it.



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