Sometimes, we may want to hide files and folders in our system. To do so, there are a lot of free applications available on the web. Out of the many apps, Wise Folder Hider is the easiest one to use. The program was first introduced in 2013. Its latest version 3.32 was launched recently.

WFH is a small program which takes 5.3 megabytes storage memory. Its setup file size is below 2 megabytes. It is a freeware which supports Windows 10, XP, 8, 8.1 and 7 operating systems.

To begin using Wise folder hider, the user should set the login password. I would recommend user to generate a strong password with 1Password, KeePass or LastPass. When the password has been set, click OK button to enter into the main dashboard. I entered a simple three letter password. WFH didn’t warm me about it.

Wise Folder hider will now open its main interface where you’ll find a large panel and 3 options in the toolbar to hide files, folder or the USB drive.

Hiding a file and folder is an easy task. Click on the respective option from the toolbar. Windows will now open the file dialog box. Navigate to the folder where your important file has been saved. Select the file and click on the open button.

password protect files wise folder hider in WindowsWise Folder hider will update its panel with the file details. It displays the full path to the file, its current status, and an option to hide or password protect it.

You don’t have to open the program to hide files. WFH adds an option to hide folders in the Windows context menu. Right-click on the file name to check it.

You can also drag and drop the desired file on the main panel to hide it.

The most interesting feature of WFH is its ability to hide the full content or selected files saved on a USB flash drive. When I connected an external HDD to the laptop, WFH was not able to detect it. It detected only the pen drive. This indicates that external HDDs are not supported by the program.

Users can easily unhide the files by double-clicking on its name or by selecting the unhide option from the operation select box.

Does the program work?

I tried searching for the content hidden by WFH, but I failed. The windows search tool failed to find the files as well. This proves that the WFH is an effective program.

What files does it support?

WFH can be used to hide executable files, videos, pictures, large folders, documents, etc. Its double password protection function works very well. Thus, you can password protect as many files as you want.

Conclusion: If you’re sharing the laptop or PC with your roommates, children or siblings and if you’ve download files that you don’t want others to see, make sure that you download the free WFH program from website.


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