Although the Government takes adequate measures for the safety of citizens, there are a lot of unfortunate people who have been targeted by rogue criminals. Every day, we get to read burglary, kidnapping and other related news in the Crime section of the newspaper.

Some media companies have launched channels for the same. To be honest, no government ensures 100% safety to the citizens. Thus, people should take the responsibility of their family by themselves. They can make use of latest technology and gadgets for the same. There are a lot of safety apps on the play store but there are no standalone devices for your protection (In India).

MapmyIndia, the startup from Gurgaon has launched its first safety device named SafeMate. This gadget comes with some useful features and it has been priced at Rs 7000. MapmyIndia has launched SafeMate exclusively through Flipkart.

Safemate is a tiny gadget that supports Android as well as IOS operating system. Weighing 49 grams, it has an incredible battery backup of up to 4 days. When the battery is about to hit the lowest, this gadget will automatically send an alert message to the owner.

MapMyIndia Safemate

Safemate lacks local connectivity features like WiFi and Bluetooth but it includes the GPS navigation module. It also connects to the internet. These 2 technologies will help the owner of this device to locate their loved ones in case there’s an emergency. This gadget will be available with a free SIM card along with 365 days subscription.

The most important feature of this gadget is the SOS button. When the user feels insecure and presses this button, Safemate will detect the location and it will keep sending messages to a registered phone number or the email address. This process will continue for 120 minutes. In these 2 hours, the owner can contact the nearest police station for help.

Safemate smart tracker

Safemate can make you aware of the live location of your wife, daughter, parents (elderly people) or the kid. Because of its small size, you can place this device in your bag or pocket.

If you think that smartphone is a good alternative to this device then you’re wrong. Mobiles and tablets have relatively short battery life. When the internet connection is enabled, the battery in these devices will drain like a flowing river.

When a user is in an emergency situation, he will have very less time to react. To send an alert to the family, they’ll have to unlock their phone, enable data connection, run the safety app and alert the relative.

Thus, we can say that Safemate is a must-have device for the people living in an area which is always in the headlines for the criminal activities. If you know some other gadgets like Safemate, please make other users aware of them.


  1. Sachin Sachdeva

    Great gadgets for saving children….!!! Thank you for sharing !

  2. Rahul Gupta has launched Trak GPS Tracker a year ago and is one of the smartest and best selling personal GPS Tracker for Kids, Family and Loved ones with unmatched features and smartest technology. has setup the benchmark and now Looks like other companies are now following the steps of this company in personal safety.

  3. Rachit Chawla

    Great Post ! Nice gadget For saving Children !


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