Linux is versatile and legendary operating system that powers a lot of servers and computers across the world. It will now be seen live in action at Government offices in India. Many employees at GOVT institutes use Windows for their daily tasks and work. According to DNA, the Microsoft OS will be replaced with BOSS Linux in the coming months.

The government will soon unveil the latest version 6.0 of BOSS – Bharat operating system solutions (based on Linux). This OS has passed every test it was subjected to. It features GNOME desktop environment. BOSS has been designed by engineers and scientists at some of India’s prestigious institutes. Its kernel was changed at Indian Institute of Technology Madras. The developers modified some features of Linux at CDAC Pune.

Some banks in India have already upgraded their ATMs to this OS. You may have withdrawn your money from one of these ATMs.

BOSS Linux

Govt will introduce different versions of BOSS that are suitable for schools, educational institutes, and hosting websites. EduBoss comes loaded with many learning applications. The advanced server is compatible with Intel and AMD 32 or 64bit CPUs. If you want to try it, download the free ISO file of BOSS and burn it to a DVD. The installation procedure will be the same as other Linux distros.

I think it is a good move by the government as there are a lot of free business and office applications available for Linux user. If the Govt employees start using these software, they will save millions of Rupees as Microsoft’s Office suite costs around 3600 (if you activate monthly 300 Rs plan). Windows OS is priced above Rupees 5000. One more advantage of BOSS is that the Government will not have to buy antivirus for securing data. Linux is very stable OS, and it cannot be attacked by Trojans or any other malware.

Many Govt portals are always on the targets of a hacker in nearby countries. The websites are secure, and Boss Linux will add an extra layer of protection.

Although GNOME is easy to use, new users might find it difficult to find software or configure printers/scanner or enable network connection. In such cases, you can use Google to find tutorials on user manual of this operating system.


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