Android device or iPhone works exactly in the same manner as a laptop or a PC. Android Gingerbread, Jelly Bean, Kit Kat, Lollipop users are allowed to download their favorite software from the Internet. They’re allowed to install any game or app from the Itunes or the Google play store.

Mobile versions of Firefox, Opera or Google Chrome browsers generate the same type of junk files as they do in computers running on Windows OS. Sometimes, your Android or Iphone’s storage will be full, and you won’t be able to save any data, nor you’ll be able to install any apps.

To fix this problem, you can follow the steps I’ve shared through this article. These steps are easy to follow, and they ensure that no file is lost during the operation.

Why do you see the insufficient storage available error on Android device?

Sometimes, you may want to download a file through an Internet connection, or you may want to receive files from your friend’s handset over a wireless Wi-Fi connection.

If your handset doesn’t have sufficient memory to save the files, you’ll see the insufficient storage available error. If you see this error on your Android device or iPhone, you can follow the below steps to get rid of it without losing any file.

Step 1: Connect your phone to the computer or laptop

If you’re using a laptop, you can connect your handset to it via a Wi-Fi connection. On desktop PC’s, you should use a USB cable to set up a connection. But before you connect your phone, make sure that you have downloaded the necessary Windows drivers for your mobile device.

Handset manufacturers often provide a free PC Suite software to the users.

This software installs the necessary drivers to help Windows OS in recognizing the phone or tablet. It also gives users direct access to phone’s storage through a graphical user interface. So instead of searching and downloading drivers, you should install a PC suite software on your computer or laptop.

Fix insufficient storage available error on Android or IPhone

Image Source: Nemo/Pixabay

Step 2: Copy all useful files from the phone’s ROM or SD card to your PC

Run the PC suite software and use its file explorer utility to navigate to the folder where you’ve saved your important data files.

Now create a folder on the desktop of your Windows PC. Now copy the selected files to this folder. Please note that file transfer process between SD card and computer’s SSD or HDD may take a bit longer time. Once you’re done with this step, disconnect the phone from the PC and move to step 3.

Step 3: Delete files

Once your phone has been disconnected from your computer, navigate to any folder on your handset’s ROM using the default Android file explorer. Now delete some files to free 10 to 30 MB of Android internal storage memory. Move to the next step after 30MB space has been released from your handset’s internal storage.

Step 4: Download and install Du booster or Clean Master app

I’ve already shared the download link and comparison between DU booster and clean master.

Please go through the article to get complete information on these two apps. Once you’ve installed Clean Master or DU booster, run it. If you do this, the app will make you aware of all junk, duplicate and useless files stored on your phone.

If you don’t want to see the insufficient storage available error on your Android handset, use the app’s inbuilt feature to free up the wasted space.

You can also follow the above steps to fix out of storage error on your iPhone. I hope that you’ve found this small tutorial useful. Thanks for reading!


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