I own a Xiaomi phone and a Lenovo laptop. Sometimes, I have to transfer files between the two devices. I’ve installed the Mi Phone Manager software (PC suite) for the same. To send and receive files, I connect the phone to the laptop with a micro USB cable. This method is old and time-consuming.

To save time, I’ve started using the Lenovo ShareIT app as an alternative to the Mi Phone manager. Lenovo’s app uses WiFi, and it’s blazing fast.

If you’re a newbie who is trying to figure out how to use the Lenovo ShareIT for PC and phones, go through the below paragraphs where you’ll find a detailed review of this free software:

This Lenovo app works in two modes i.e. hotspot and LAN mode. For some reasons, the 1st mode doesn’t work on my laptop. The 2nd method works perfectly for receiving files.

Before you send files, make sure that the Lenovo ShareIt app has been installed on the phone which will be sending or receiving the file.

The interface of Windows and phone version of the app has a similar interface. There are two large buttons to send and receive files.

To move files from PC to the phone, you will have to

  1. Click on send.
  2. Drag and drop the file to the desktop interface (check the screenshots we’ve shared below).

The Lenovo ShareIt app must be opened on the phone for receiving the file. It will create a wireless hotspot connection for the same. When the hotspot network has been created, the laptop will display it in the available connections interface. Establish a connection between the phone’s hotspot and the Windows machine.

Now click on the next button and Windows will start transferring the file.

Sending files from the smartphone to the computer is as easy and fast as receiving them.

The phone version of the app will allow you to send apps, photos, music and video files quickly. Lenovo ShareIt will automatically identify files of the type as mentioned above and it will display them under separate tabs. Check the below screenshots.

The selected button will be updated with the number of files you want to share. When the file selection task is over, click on the send button. Lenovo ShareIt will find computing devices on the same network. When a device is found, tap on it and follow the instructions to establish a wireless connection between the two.

When the two devices are paired, a popup will be displayed on the desktop to accept the files from the sender.

I was able to send 2.6 GB of data within a few minutes time. If the hotspot mode is not working for you on the laptop, switch to the LAN mode.

The ShareIT app on the phone allows you to send all types of files, apps to the PC. It displays a lot of unobtrusive ads. It maintains a history of successful file transfer operations. You can install the app on iPhone, Android or Windows 8.1, 10 OS running mobile phones. Visit this link to download the apps on your device.

Lenovo ShareIT for PC is an advertisement free software. It supports Macintosh and Windows operating systems. It is the best alternative to PC suites for mobiles and an excellent tool to backup photos, videos and other important files saved on the phone to the computer.


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