Nowadays, everyone in the world is dependent on the Internet for some reason or the other. Hence, we can say that broadband or mobile data connection has become one of the necessities of a human being. Fortunately, we’re living in a digital era where devices such as data cards, WiFi routers, and 3G or 4G enabled mobile phones are sold in nearby shops or on eCommerce portals.

Although GPRS technology allows us to surf the web, it comes with many limitations. Its data transfer speed never exceeds beyond 30 Kbps. Furthermore, the 2G connection is not stable. If you want to enjoy videos or internet games, go for a 3G, 4G-LTE or a broadband plan. We have already shared the list of best 3G plans in India with their comparisons. Today, we’ve compared internet plans of BSNL and JIO (Reliance Group).

Let’s have a look at the price of the data cards, hotspot provided by JIO and BSNL and their internet browsing plans/tariffs.


BSNL vs JIO internet plans

JIO is a 4G operator. BSNL hasn’t launched 4G services in India, but it has affordable 3G and 2.75G plans. It also offers wireline broadband service across India.

Reliance JIO data plans for prime members

Tariff Daily data transfer limit (GB) Validity
19 0.15 1
52 0.15 7
98 0.15 14
149 0.15 28
399 1 28
499 1 84
509 2 28
799 3 28

JIO Long-term plans

Tariff Total Data (GB) Validity
999 60 90
1999 125 180
4999 350 360
9999 750 360

Note: Only the JIO Prime members will enjoy unlimited data. Speed post FUP limit will be throttled to 64 Kbps. The daily data transfer limit doesn’t apply to non-prime users. Users subscribing to one of the above plans will get free access to JIO premium apps. Furthermore, they’ll enjoy free unlimited voice calls and SMS service.

To enjoy the above plans, you must have a JIO SIM card, a phone that supports 4G-LTE and VoLTE technologies or JIOFI Hotspot. The price of the hotspot is within 1990 to 2200 Rupees.

JIO speed

I’m using JIOFI hotspot at my place. The download speeds are within 5 to 15 Mbps.

BSNL Evdo and Broadband plans

500 MB – 1GB plans comparison


Plan Type Data Usage MRP in Rupees Validity in Days Charges after limit reached
Bundled 500 MB 150 30 0.10/100 Kb at peak hours and 0.05/100 Kb at nonpeak hours N/A
Bundled 1GB 250 30 As above
Unlimited No limit 750 30 NA
BD 5GB 500 30 NA
BD 6GB 565 30 NA
Bundled 2GB 250 Thirty  Not available
As above 2.25GB 285 Thirty NA

1.5GB – 3GB comparison


Type Data Usage MRP in Rupees Validity in Days Charges after limit reached
Bundled 2.5 GB 250 30 0.10/100 Kb at peak hours and 0.05/100 Kb at nonpeak hours

No restriction plan


Type Data Usage MRP in Rupees Validity in Days Charges after limit reached
Unlimited No Restrictions 750 30 Days

Comparison of devices

Device Name Operator Download Speed Upload Speed MRP
EVDO Data Card BSNL Up to 3.1 Mbps 1.8 Mbps 1199 Rupees
JioFi Reliance Up to 60 Mbps 1.8 Mbps 1999 Rupees

BSNL Broadband plans (Prepaid and Postpaid)

BSNL postpaid and prepaid plans are different for some circles. Please see the official BSNL website to see plans for your region.

BSNL download speeds

BSNL broadband and 3G users enjoy download speeds of up to 3.5 Mbps. The speed can vary from place to place.

Important BSNL updates:

Jan 2017: Good news for BSNL subscribers. Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited increased its FUP download speeds to 1 Mbps instead of 512 Kbps PAN India. It has also introduced BB 249 unlimited broadband plan to take on RJIO.

March 2017: To make sure that existing BSNL subscribers don’t switch to 4G-LTE broadband service providers and to attract new customers, BSNL has launched two new broadband plans, BB339 and BB249 plans.

The BB 339 broadband plan provides 30GB data for the month and the experience Unlimited BB249 plan will offer 10GB data every day to the users. The connection speed for the experience unlimited BB plan will be 2 Mbps.

Users opting for the 1st plan can transfer up to 2GB data on a given day. In addition to the 2GB data, customers opting for this plan will enjoy free calling for 25 minutes every day. The plan may go live by the end of this month or from the 1st week of April.

Users subscribing to the BB 249 plan will enjoy free voice calls between 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM

For more details on the Rupees 339 and 249 plans, please visit your nearest BSNL telecom exchange office or dial 1800 345 1500.

Reliance JIO has launched new high-speed 4G-LTE plans for existing and new users. To go through the plans, read our best 4G plans in India article.

Note: – Kindly confirm the plans from the customer support executives before going ahead with any of these plans.

As you can see from the above tables, both BSNL and Reliance JIO group have excellent internet plans in their catalog. Kindly share your thoughts on these above plans with us.


  1. Dipen

    BSNL is providing reliable and robust services to the customer at an affordable price. It offers 24*7 support to solve any BB related complaint. Also in every big city or town, you can find BSNL office where they listen or registered your complaint while other operators do not provide this type of support. If the service is down due to network or any other BSNL related issue then they give your rebate which other network service providers do not provide. BSNL doesn’t have hidden charges. If you have any complaint related to the Internet then go BSNL office then they’ll solve your problem within 24 hours. Because BSNL Hai To Bharosa Hai

  2. Auro

    BSNL has just plans but they dont give us the plan we’re paying for Poor wire connections Poor internet im recieving less than 1 mbps whiole im paying for alot more

  3. Rohit

    I’ve been using Airtel broadband for last couple of years and I must say that they offer very good service and support. As far as Reliance broadband is concerned my friend uses Rs. 800 unlimited plan and he’s very satisfied.


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