When you buy an Internet connection, the ISP will install a CPE or a router that will connect to the remote server through which you will be offered Internet services.

This machine will use DHCP protocol to assign an IP address to your PC. If the user has bought a static address, the IP will remain the same till the validity of his Internet plan. The IP Address is assigned but the connection will not be encrypted. If you’re browsing an unsecured site, it will be very easy for a third person on the same network (using the same interface) to track the Internet activity with Wireshark or similar software.

In the case of secured websites, the eavesdropper will know what site you’re using but he will not be able to get your details like username, password, etc.

For maximum privacy, users should use a VPN service or they should browse the internet with proxy sites.

The 1st technique is reliable and it will work like a charm because a good VPN provider will offer a standalone desktop software that will make things easy for you.

The 2nd technique can be confusing and frustrating as only a few proxy sites are genuine and sometimes they won’t work because of the ban imposed by the Government.

As the 1st option is better, you will have to use a VPN connection. There are a lot of companies that offer virtual private network services along with attractive plans. Today, we’ll share details of CyberGhost – the best free VPN for Windows.

CG has become one of the most popular services in a short span of time and it is being used by around 5 million people.

CyberGhost VPN Review 2015

Cyberghost installation is easy. You have to download the setup file from the official site and run it.

This free VPN will take hardly 10 seconds to copy application files to your PC. It will place a desktop shortcut so that the user can connect to the VPN network quickly.

When you start CyberGhost 5, an advertisement will be displayed along with the main interface.

You can cancel the ad but you won’t be able to get rid of it completely unless you upgrade your free account to pro.

CyberGhost VPN software has an impressive UI that boasts a map, your country, location and the real IP address. It also displays a button to start VPN, a drop list to select simulated country and IP Address.

CyberGhost servers:

CyberGhost network is growing like a wildfire. In 2014, they had around 200 servers and thousands of users. In 2015, the company claims to have 4 million users and around 600 high-performance servers.

Cyberghost has placed its machines in more than 20 countries that include United States, Canada, Australia, Europe, etc.

CyberGhost VPN Servers

The free users have limited options. And the software will highlight available servers for free usage with a star.

Premium users will have access to all machines i.e they can choose a server located in any city or region of their choice.

In case you don’t know what server to choose, click on the start button. Once you do this, Cyberghost VPN will select a machine automatically that will offer the best Internet experience.

To check the complete list of available machines, log into your Cyberghost VPN account.

You account and software dashboard will also display the number of active users and current bandwidth.

Cyberghost speed

Many people use VPNs to watch videos or movies online or download files. In such online activities, a great deal of bandwidth is used. If there are a lot of users using the same server, the internet connection speed will be low. Thus, don’t expect high data transfer/upload rate when you’re using CyberGhost. When I was testing/using it on my laptop, the internet speed was not as fast as it used to be before installing this free VPN.

Device support

You can install Cyberghost Android or IOS app to surf the Internet securely and safely on your smartphone.

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Free Proxy:

If you want to surf the web anonymously or if you don’t want the website to store cookies or load scripts and ActiveX, flash components on your browser, the free proxy tool in your CyberGhost VPN Account will be useful for you.

Cyberghost VPN free proxy

The user is allowed to select one of the 3 servers (located in Denmark, Romania or the United States).

Cyberghost settings:

This VPN has settings utility that allows you to configure its behavior. This utility supports the following functions:

  • Establish connection immediately after system startup.
  • Autorun the service in the background when Windows boots to the desktop.
  • Change browser information and its version.
  • Disable social network buttons and websites that try to track your location.
  • Add exceptions, configure HTTP proxy.
  • Activate random ports, IPV6 and TCP protocol support.
  • Change packet fragment size (for advanced users)

Settings screenshots:

What you can do with CyberGhost 5?

Mask your IP: When you use a VPN like CyberGhost, your real IP will not be visible to people who eavesdrop on your network activity.

It will be very difficult for the third person to determine your IP or activity because the connection is created with one of the strongest security 256-bit protocol.

Even automated programs will take 100s of years to decrypt your data.

This feature of Cyberghost VPN is immensely useful for people who have saved highly confidential files or data on their computers or laptops.

Access restricted websites: If you’re located in a country where educational, social networks or online video portals like YouTube has been blocked, use the best free VPN instead of a proxy site.

Unlimited browsing: The latest version of Cyberghost has no bandwidth limit. You can use it for 1000s of hours. You can experience Internet slow down if several users are uploading or downloading large files at the same time. When you create a connection, the session will be automatically terminated after 3 hours.

Conclusion: Cyberghost VPN is awesome because there are a lot of servers that powers this service. It creates connection automatically when you’re confused to choose a server. Cyberghost plans are affordable. It uses very strong algorithms for the online safety of the users. Its online platform is easy to use and THE software offers great UX.


  1. uncompromised23

    I think it’s still more secure and fast to use paid VPNs. I used cyberghost in the past and my security got compromised. Happy to have found Astrill. I can now browse freely knowing that my online activities are guarded.


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