Customization is impossible in Android without a launcher app. Like you, I’m an Android user, and I often make changes to my Android screen to make it look attractive, productive and unique. To keep things easy, I use the default MIUI launcher on my Xiaomi phone, and sometimes I switch to Hola or Apus.

I was looking app for an alternative to Miui launcher and Hola. I ended up installing EverythingMe because its Google play store description mentioned some unique features that you’ll not find in other similar apps.

After using it for a while, I can say that EverythingMe is a unique launcher. It includes some interesting modules that you’ll find useful.

EverythingMe is not only about customization. Some of its features will also save your time. It includes the below utilities.

Daily Wallpapers

Sometimes, you will be agitated to see the same old wallpaper n your display, and you’ll get rid of the image. If you have not stored pictures on your device, you will have to use Google to find beautiful wallpapers for Android.

Google is fast, and it will display tons of images on your screen (when you search for it). You’ll have to go through several pictures to choose the best wallpaper for your device, and this is a time wasting task.

EverythingMe will keep your home screen fresh by setting a cool new background every day. Open settings and select daily wallpaper option to activate this feature.

Fast Contacts:

This is the best and the smartest feature of the EverythingMe launcher. When you start this app for the first time after installation, EverythingMe will read your call logs and analyze it. The analyzed data will be sorted, and only the frequently dialed contacts will be displayed on a separate screen.

This interface will be displayed only when the user swipes to right on the home screen. The contacts will be accompanied with the quick dial and message buttons.

Unique Folder styles:

If you’re bored with default grid style icons of Android, you should be using EverythingMe because, in addition to the grid, this launcher includes stacked icon style

in which the app symbols are arranged one over the other.EverythingMe will detect icons of apps in each folder, and it will align them correctly in a stack.

Discover Apps:

Want to download a new and popular Android game or app, but you’re confused because there are 1000s of titles available on the Google play store?

The discovery feature of the EverythingMe launcher will solve this problem. It will display the most popular and the best Android apps and games in each category of the play store. This feature would have been even better if it included a search utility to find apps quickly.

Users can access the discovered interface from all the folders that are created and managed by EverythingMe.

Prediction bar:

It is a rectangular box with a transparent black background. EverythingMe displays this box to the bottom of your screen. It shows the recently used apps. This bar also shows the recently captured pictured, miss calls, current day, date and time.

Freeze Homescreen:

When you hand over your phone to your kid, he/she might misplace main screen icons of apps that are important to you. Rearranging the icons will be a confusing and frustrating experience. To avoid this, enable freeze home screen feature of the EverythingMe launcher.


EverythingMe can import settings from other launchers apps installed on your handset or tablet.

Performance and final verdict:

Like other popular launchers, i.e., Apus, CM, Solo, EverythingMe is fast (You can download it here). This application lacks useless features and animations that may slow down the Android system.

Moving from one screen to the other is as smooth as butter. Customization in EverythingMe is easy because there are limited features. This launcher is an excellent alternative to all top Android customization apps that you might be aware of.


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