Most of you folks are are well aware of the fact that it’s possible to send free SMS messages online. To begin using these sites, you may have to undergo the registration processes. The process is frustrating and time-consuming.

To register yourself, you’ll be prompted to validate your phone number or email address. Once you login to your account on the free SMS site, you may see irritating advertisements and popups. Do you know? It’s possible to send free SMS without registration.

Unfortunately, sites that don’t ask users to create an account are not reliable. They don’t deliver the SMS on time. The only advantage of using these sites is that you don’t have to remember your login details (username or password), nor you’ve to see 10-12 annoying advertisements before and after sending free SMS.

If you want the message to get delivered quickly, you must use a reliable free SMS site that may ask you to register an account.

Below, we’ve shared the best sites to send free SMS to mobile phones or voice calling tablets with or without registration.

Best websites to send free SMS without registration


Way2SMS - free SMS without registration

Way2SMS is the most popular website to send free SMS. To use this site, you must create a Way2SMS account. Account registration takes few seconds. Once you’re logged in to your account, you can send SMS to any number in India without entering a captcha.

Way2SMS has 39+ million users. It enables you to send SMS in your local language. It supports group messaging. This website lets you send precomposed greeting messages. Way2SMS provides an online contact book wherein you can save phone numbers online. It allows you to see the location and carrier of the phone number.

Way2SMS lets you see the history of sent messages.

Visit Way2SMS



16by2 is the 2nd best free SMS site and it has very few advertisements. This site can send a text message that has maximum 140 characters. Isn’t this amazing?. The messages are delivered at blazing fast speed. The messages sent through 160by2 won’t have any advertisements links or promotional content in it. This is yet another important feature of this free to use service.

160by2 enables users to defer SMS sending. It has a massive collection of free text messages which you can use while sending a greeting. This site lets you send SMS to 1+ person at the same time. It also allows you to create SMS alerts.

Visit 160by2

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AFreeSMS is a website to send free text messages without registration. This free online service requires you to enter a captcha code before you send the SMS. This web portal can send SMS to any part of the world.

Once your message is sent, AFreeSMS will display a confirmation message. It will also show the text message ID, the mobile carrier of the receiving number, etc. If you’re receiving too many messages from a particular number from AFreeSMS, you should fill the form on the SMS blocker page of the site and submit it.

Visit AFreeSMS



The receiver will get the message within 5 to 30 minutes as the servers of this site are loaded with a lot of requests. Account registration is an optional step in Fast2SMS.



The features of this site are exactly the same as the above service. Like AFreeSMS, this portal can deliver your message to any part of the world.

To send SMS, you must select a country, enter the country code, phone number, message, and the characters shown in captcha image. Then, select the send option. That’s it!

Visit E-FreeSMS

If you think I’ve not mentioned your favorite service in this article, then please suggest us the same through a comment.

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