Curriculum vitae or resume is a critical document for a human resource professional as well as for an employee. A person searching for employment opportunities will upload his resume to a job site. HRs will shortlist a resume only if they find it complete and useful. A good CV will have all necessary details like experience, skills, personal data, degrees, certificates, etc. A job seeker whose resume is incomplete will be rejected straightaway by the HR.

You might be aware of the fact that there are 1000s of job seekers. Thus, we can say that recruiters go through a large number of CVs daily. To increase the chances of getting the resume shortlisted, you should either have a strong education background or an attractive CV.

If you’ve not graduated from a reputed institute with an excellent grade, the 2nd option is applicable to you. To create a CV, you don’t have to download any software or templates, just use the below tools to create mind-blowing and visually appealing infographic resumes online.

Best infographic resume builder websites for 2017

1Accenture CV maker

Accenture, the multinational IT services company had launched its online infographic resume builder in 2014. This tool is free and users don’t have to pay a single penny to use it.

To get started with Accenture CV builder, users must either sign in with their Linked IN account or create an Accenture profile. When users login this site, they’ll see a resume builder wizard.

Enter your details in the relevant text fields. Once all details have been filled, choose one of the three cool infographics templates. Select a template and done! Your infographic resume will be created, and it will be dispatched to your registered email address.

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This application works in the same way as Accenture CV builder. To save time, you can use your LinkedIn profile to login to This is what I did to make the below infographic resume.

As you can see above, allows you to add profile summary and experience in detail. It lets you add work stats and awards/honors. This tool features five cool infographic templates. It supports font, color and background customizations. Once your resume has been built, download it or share online.

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This is a powerful and intuitive website that offers eight infographic resume templates (3 are free and remaining are premium). Each template is available in 3 or 4 color options.

To create an Infographic CV, select a format and upload your .doc or .docx resume. Users can also make PicToCV read their LinkedIn profile data. The upload option is a good feature as you don’t have to enter bio data details again. If you’re not a LinkedIn user, skip this step and add CV data manually.

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This tool supports Facebook login. It allows users to create online infographic resumes for free. Kinzaa lets you enter work environment, place, skill characteristics, expected benefits and many other data that you can’t find in the above tools.

CVs created with Kinzaa can be saved to PC in PDF format. They can also be accessed online. To do this, just enter Kinzaa profile link in the address bar of the browser and hit the enter key.

This free Infographic resume builder has a single default template. You cannot change background, foreground, text colors or fonts in the CV created by Kinzaa.

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This online infographic builder is free, and it relies on your linked IN data to create attractive resumes. Using is a piece of cake. Open the site, select an infographic template, import profile data from Linked In and done! Your CV will be created.

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This is perhaps the best infographic resume builder. supports heavy customization. Users can drag and drop data widgets in their online resume to any position of their choice.

This tool allows its users to upload and add a background picture to infographics generated with it. It offers several beautiful templates for making your CV look more appealing.

With, you can add a timeline to display your work history. It allows users to enter their previous job duties, proficiency, favorite quotes, work examples, portfolio, grades and many other vital data to the infographic resume.

Unfortunately, Re.Vu doesn’t have any option to download your CV. It supports sharing profile on popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc.

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7CV Maker

This is yet another powerful and free CV generator Unlike Accenture and Visualize me, CV maker allows you to add data without registration. But to customize the appearance of the CV or to download it, you should create an account on this site. Users are allowed to add new sections and references to their resumes.

Curriculum Vitae created with this online tool can be saved to the hard disk of your PC in PDF, HTML or TXT file formats (A4 or US letter page size). Visit this site if you want a simple CV.

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Some multinational companies use automated applications to filter bad CVs. Extracting text from images (infographic pictures) is a difficult task, and very few tools are capable of doing this.

In such cases, users should submit a resume/CV in Microsoft Word or any other similar software. If you know the HR’s email-id, just create an infographic CV with any of the above online tools and send it to him/her.

The recruiting professional will be impressed with your creativity, and he/she will shortlist your resume. Many people have managed to get an interview call from top companies with this simple trick.



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