Snapchat is undoubtedly one of the coolest apps for Android and IOS OS running devices. It is very popular among girls and guys of all age groups. With this app, you can share images or short videos that disappear automatically after a specified time duration. It is compatible with all latest versions of Google’s Android operating system (4.0+).

If you’re an owner of an IOS 5+ operating system powered iPhone or iPad, you can run snapchat on your device too. Although this is an excellent app, it comes with a little drawback that you’ll have to waste some time in setting a new username. Creating one can be a frustrating experience for the people especially when they find a profile with a better user name.

To change snapchat username, you’ll need to remove or delete the existing account to create a new account. If you hate your current username, and you would like to change it at any cost, visit this link and enter your login credentials. If the system requests you to enter the details, don’t hesitate to enter them again.

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Now you’ll be able to see delete account option. Click on it and log out of the site. This step will ensure that the old data is removed completely from the database. To create a new profile, you’ll need a new and unique username and to find one, you’ll have to use any one of tools that I’ve shared below.

Best snapchat username ideas generator I feel that domainbot is the best snapchat username ideas generator. Although this utility is used to find, buy or register domain names, you would love the list suggested by it.

All you’ve to do is open the tool, type 1, 2 or 3 words that you want in your username within the text box that appears on the page.

Once you are done with entering the words, click on the search button. Now you’ll see a lot of unique, funny, fresh or interesting names. 

Now, make a new profile with the name that you like from the list. Don’t forget to enter a secure password because you might be well aware that millions of Snapchat usernames were leaked last year by a hacker.

If you’re using a leaked name, setting a good password will save your profile from being accessed by an unknown person. I would recommend you to use the free LastPass software and browser extension. LastPass runs on a browser, and it is capable of generating the strongest passwords that are difficult to crack.

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If you don’t like the above tool, give a try to the domain tools utility because it comes with the same features as the domainbot. If you’re not satisfied with the names suggested with the above two tools, use your Facebook, Instagram, Kik messenger or twitter username as Snapchat ID.


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