WhatsApp, the most widely used instant messenger application will soon get the much-needed two-step verification module. Activating the 2FA feature is optional. But if want to keep your account safe, make sure you enable it.

WhatsApp will ask users to enter a six-digit passcode when the user activates two-step authentication. The users must note down the passcode or memorize it.

The passcode may have random characters. Usually, two-factor verification services dispatch a special code to the registered mobile phone number of the account holder. The major hurdle with this approach is SIM card cloning. If a person creates a clone of your SIM card, he can easily get access to your account.

If your mobile phone has lost, the person who finds your device may throw away the SIM card. After few days of inactivity, the telecom operator will deactivate your card and make the number available for other customers.

Once the other activates the SIM by phone verification, he may install WhatsApp. If have not enabled 2F authentication, WhatsApp will show the other profile picture of the previous user.

If you haven’t shared your new mobile number with your friends, the person may misuse your account. To avoid such scenario, make sure that you use WhatsApp two-step verification feature.

As WhatsApp remembers the special passcode for the phone number, people cloning SIM cards will not be able to access your account.

One more important thing about the new security feature is that users have the option of linking their email address with their accounts. In case the user doesn’t remember the verification code, they can recover it easily.

activate whatsapp two-step verification feature

How to enable WhatsApp two-step verification?

According to WhatsApp INC, 2SV feature is still in beta stage but the feature will roll out soon for all the users. If you see a new update available for the app, update it to the latest version and follow the below steps.

  1. Open WhatsApp messenger on your mobile phone.
  2. Visit the settings interface and select two-step verification.
  3. Enable the 2F authentication by tapping on the activate button.
  4. Enter passcode of your choice and tap on OK option.

In case you forget things often, don’t forget to provide your email address while enabling 2 step verification for your account.

Users can change the passcode or email address anytime. To generate a strong password, use KeePass or LastPass on your Android or IOS device.


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