PC Gaming industry has been growing exponentially over the past several decades, and several games are released every year from the top companies. The concept of MOBA and FPS games have taken the world by storm. Whether you are a casual or a talented gamer who wants to play against the professionals and make a living online, you will need a good gaming mouse, among other accessories.

Top Gaming Mouse in India for Professional and Casual Gamers for all budgets

Best gaming mice in India for below 2000 Rupees

8. Logitech G90

G90 is one the cheapest Logitech mouse you can buy in India. It costs under 1000 Rs. It has durable chassis and an optical sensor with a pixel density of 2.5k dpi. You can change the DPI if you’re not happy with the default settings.

G90 offers an excellent grip to your palm. It is based on the same design as the G300, one of the finest gaming mouses of Logitech. It has long-lasting buttons and decent looks. Logitech G90 is much faster than USB gaming mouses available in the similar price range. Its price is 980 INR.

7. Cooler Master Xornet

Xornet is one of the most popular devices from Cooler Master. It ships with a robust engine that senses the clicks and pointer locations precisely. It features the durable Omron switches that can survive up to 5 x 1000000 clicks.

Xornet has a sensor which the user can use to change DPI’s as per the game or their requirements. The mouse is easy to hold. Hence, it’s ideal and recommended for insanely long gaming sessions. The Xornet mouse costs Rs 1700.

6. Dragon War G12

If you’re searching for a DragonWar mouse featuring the latest ergonomic design, buy ELE G12. This mouse provides auto reload function and it has an option to set the LED lighting and DPI color.

ELE G12 offers gold plated connector and includes multiple programmable keys. It supports resolutions of up to 3200 DPI and features rubber coating. Its price in India is 1500 Rs.

5. Redragon M601

Redragon M601 is one of the cheapest and most beautiful gaming mouses in India. It features a switch, with which you can adjust the DPI manually as per your gaming needs.

This USB device has a light emitting diode (LED) flash and side buttons that are programmable. Redragon M601 is a gaming mouse with a durable and smooth TFT base. It packs a powerful sensor. You can use it with computers or laptops that run on the Windows operating system. M601 is priced below 2000 INR.

4. DragonWar Thor ELE G9

Priced below 2000 Rs, G9 gaming mouse from DragonWar has premium design and it features 5+ control buttons. The durable body of Dragon War Thor features a matte finish. The mouse comes with an LED lighting system.

DragonWar Thor ELE-G9 packs a 3200 dpi sensor and gold plated connector for the best performance. The manufacturer has fitted it with a 1.8 meters cable.

This gaming accessory ships with a large (13 inches length) and attractive mouse-pad. It has a built-in storage memory of 512K to save your macros. ELE-G9 costs 1000 Rs in India.

3. Logitech G302

One of the top gaming mice under 2000 Rs, G302 from Logitech packs cutting-edge features. It boasts damage and pressure resistant buttons that can survive up to 20 million clicks. Hence, the mouse is ideal for long gaming sessions.

G302 features a ZeroTM technology based sensor that has a pixel density of up to 4000 dpi. The mouse is so fast that it can report a click within a millisecond. It has an ambidextrous design.

Logitech G302 has a programmable controller which gives users the freedom to customize the buttons. It is compatible with Windows 7, XP, 10, and Vista computers. It has a blue color light emitting LED module. The price of this device is 1700 Rupees.

2. Logitech G402 Hyperion

The G402 is a powerful gaming mouse which is built with damage resistant materials. Hyperion has a killer design. It has a special coating which prevents your fingers from getting sticky when your adrenaline is running high during a session of gaming.

The mouse is comfortable to hold, and it is built with components that can resist 20 million clicks. It uses the latest sensor technology called Delta Zero which ensures that the pointer’s position on the screen is accurate, and the clicks are registered instantaneously. G402 has a fast transfer rate of under one millisecond.

This sensor has 4000 dpi pixel density. The user can program the eight buttons of the mouse as per his/her requirement. You can use the G402 USB mice with the latest Windows operating system running PC. G402 mouse carries a price tag of Rupees 2400.



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