MIUI comes with some very cool features and it comes preloaded with Google apps. When you connect your phone to Internet, it will automatically get all new mail or hangout messages and alert the user through its notification window. Thus, the user doesn’t have to log into any of the Google services for any new social or mail updates.

If you’ve accidentally uninstalled Google apps from your device or if you’ve updated the MIUI and lost the preinstalled gapps, you won’t be able to get updates, nor you will be able to use the below services:

Gmail: Allows you to send emails with attachment without any costs. This free email application comes with very powerful features. It is one of the top 5 email services in the world.

Chrome: It is one of the best and fastest web browsers in the world. Just like Firefox plugins, there are 1000’s of Chrome extensions available for users. The mobile version of this app doesn’t support plugins yet, but it loads websites fast enough.

Youtube: Allows users to share and upload videos for free.

Google+: It’s social network just like Facebook. Here you can create pages, groups, follow and add people to your circle, etc.download gapps for Miui V5 or V6 (Xiaomi phones)

Hangouts: It’s an instant messenger with WhatsApp like features. It is a great alternative to Apple Facetime.

Photos: This service lets users upload and share image files. It is one of the best photo-sharing sites in the world.

Voice Search: Allows you to perform a search operation in Google with your voice. You don’t have to use your handsets virtual keyboard to enter a search query.

Drive: It is cloud storage service where you can upload large size files. You can send large attachments by connecting Google Drive with Gmail.

gapps for MIUI folder Xiaomi phone manager

Xiaomi has made gapps aka Google Apps available for all MIUI users. If you are not able to find your favorite application or if you’re facing one of the problems I’ve shared in the 2nd paragraph, please go through the below steps to install gapps on MIUI v5, V7 or v6:

  1. Download gapps for MIUI v6, V7 or v5 through this link (choose the right version).
  2. Move the file to the SD card or ROM and extract its contents (use Xiaomi Phone Manager English version on Windows to move data if you want to unzip the files on desktop)
  3. Open the file manager app on your Xiaomi phone.
  4. Locate your favorite application’s setup file in the system in the extracted folder’s \system\priv-app\ path (Check the above screenshot). When you find it, tap on the apk or the installer.
  5. Repeat task 2 and three so that all gapps are installed on your handset.
  6. Done!