Epson, the Japanese company that manufactures affordable printers has revealed a 1st of its kind onsite Paperlab paper recycling machine that accepts junk sheets as an input and recycles them fast without consuming any other resource other than electricity. This unique machine will be showcased this month on 10th in Tokyo at the Eco products event. The official launch date is expected to be announced during the event.

Paperlab offers several amazing and unique features that will give companies a reason to buy it. Traditionally crucial and important documents of offices are destroyed on site by disposal in fire or they’re recycled by the third-party contractor. Epson Paperlab will create new documents at your office premises from old and useless papers. Thus, you don’t have to worry about the confidentiality of your data.

Epson Paperlab price paper recycling machine

This machine from Epson is capable of generating more than 10 papers of A4 size within a minute. If you keep it on for a full day, Paperlab will produce around 15000 sheets for your predefined size. You can configure it to print sheets suitable for printers at your office premises.

Epson Paperlab supports various sizes and thickness. It has configuration module to define the same.

Contractors require a lot of water to manufacture paper sheets. Paperlab uses a dry process for the same which according to Epson is eco-friendly. It will chop the sheets in thin fibers after which the binding module will come into action.

The Dry process involves 5 steps i.e Input, Fiberizing, Binding, Forming, Output. Epson has published a brief description of how this technique works on its official website.

As you can see above, the PaperLab comes with several advantages. It might pose a serious threat to traditional paper recycling contractors as big companies can easily afford it regardless of at what price Epson sells the PaperLab for.

This machine might be launched worldwide (including India) for more than 20000 dollars.


  1. Balaraj

    What is the cost of Epson A 8000?

  2. mavani janak

    I am interseted in Epson paperlab A8000. What is the price of this machine?

  3. Rajkumar

    I want to know the price and procedure of buying this machine. Contact person details also needed.

  4. Rattan Tiwari

    Want to know about the price. And when it will be available in India?

  5. Prakash Jahagirdar

    Will it be available in India? When will Epson launch it?

  6. Sylvester

    Please what is the cost of EPSON A-8000

  7. Mohan

    What is the price of Epson Paperlab in India?

  8. DEGHDAK Mohamed Lazhar

    I want to buy this machine. What is its price?


    After reading about these product I’m interested in introducing it to the big companies in Nigeria, as well as all Government parastatals.
    I presently reside in England, and recently looking at what to get involved in, and this product came in at the right time.
    Now that it has being officially launched, how much does it cost.
    Would love to receive a response, thank you.


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