Speaker is an essential computer and laptop peripheral. Without it, the video and music player software is of no use. Gaming on PC would be exciting if you have connected a top-quality speaker to it.

To buy an affordable, powerful and latest speaker, you don’t have to explore 1000s of devices on eCommerce sites. Just go through our list of top PC speakers in India and order one unit.

The speakers under 2000 and 1000 Rs we’ve covered here are stylish, and they’re the best in the market. They¬†will make your bookshelf or computer table look attractive. The best thing about the speakers is that you can connect them to an IOS or Android mobile device.

Best computer speaker in India under 2000 Rs

Intex IT- 881S speaker

Intex IT-88IS

Intex IT- 881S is a 2.1 channel speaker under 1000 Rs with average ratings and mixed reviews on E-commerce websites. It has a rotor based volume controller and a beautiful LED indicator to make users aware of speaker status i.e. on or off.

881S is a compact speaker for computers and laptop. It provides stereo quality sound output. It has headphone connectivity port. 881S supports playback of multimedia content.

The sound output provided by Intex 881S is 6 Watts. The speaker ships with a sub-woofer system. Its price is Rupees 850.


Zebronics SW2490

zebronics sw2490 - best speakers under 2000 Rs India

Zebronics, known for its unique design has sold 1000+ units of the SW2490 speaker. This device is stylish, and it is highly portable. It features LED indicator, bass system, and 2.1 channel audio output.

Zebronics SW2490 comes without Bluetooth connectivity option. It ships with an FM Radio system. Hence, if you’re fatigued, simply tune into your favorite local radio station and listen to your favorite songs. SW2490 is a compact device. Its weight is just 126.9 grams. This speaker is capable of delivering 85 dB sound output.

This Zebronics PC speaker has subwoofer system. It offers USB port and carries 1 years warranty. Its price is within INR 2000 to 2200.


Portronics Pure Sound

Portronics Pure Sound

In my viewpoint, Pure Sound is the best Portronics computer speaker that you can buy for below 2000 Rs. Portronics Pure Sound flaunts audio control buttons on the front side. It can read song files stored on MicroSD cards. It incorporates USB and headphone connectivity port. Portronics has priced this speaker between 1500 to 1600 Rs.

Despite its compact design, this speaker produces 2W sound output. PS packs FM Radio system and a 1080 mAh capacity battery. When pure sound’s battery is charged up to 100%, it remains active for around 480 minutes. The Portronics Pure Sound speaker’s price tag is Rupees 1500.


Creative SBS A120

Creative SBS A120 - best computer speakers under 2000 or 50 dollars (2015)

A120 is a 2.1 channel speaker under 2000 Rs budget that produces up to 75 dB output. It comprises a single 4 Watts subwoofer module. The power cable of A120 speaker is fitted with the speaker, and you can’t remove it.

Creative SBS A120 is built with high-quality stuff. Many users have claimed that this budget computer speaker works like a charm even after 2+ years of non-stop usage. As the hardware remains intact, the sound quality will be the same for several years.

SBS A120 features a wired remote control system. The A120 speaker has been designed to work with laptops. It would have been more awesome if Creative had designed it to support wireless remotes. A120 computer speaker costs Rs 1800 in India.


F&D E200 soundbar

F&D soundbar - best speaker under 1000

E200 is a top-class speaker that has an unbeatable rating of 4.3 of 5 from 1000+ genuine users.

E200 is a 2.1 channel high-quality speaker that weighs 989 grams. It provides 3 watt sound output and has a metallic frame that prevents sound distortion.

The F&D E200 speaker has a LED power indication and features a 3.5 mm headphone jack. It supports USB connectivity and has an Auxilliary port for establishing connectivity with a laptop, PC, or a mobile device. The F&D speaker has a great design. It costs 1100 INR.


F&D F203G

F&D F203G

This shiny black color F&D F203G 2.1 channel speaker is a small device, but don’t go by its size. Its performance is great. This speaker ships with a LED indicator and a sub-woofer equipped with a 4-inch driver. It includes a USD card reader.

F&D F203G produces 65-watts sound output. It has buttons to pause, play, resume or change the audio track.

F203G weighs 2.5 kilograms and it costs Rupees 1200 in India. It has an excellent rating of 4.2 on one of the major eCommerce site.


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