Sleeping for long hours is not a bad habit. But when you’ve to go to the school or office, you’ve no other option than waking up. But wait! If you’re a heavy sleeper, getting up from a deep sleep is not an easy task.

If you’re staying alone, you need one of the below powerful alarm clocks. If you don’t want to invest your money in a new gadget, you can try out the Alarmy app. You’ll find details on this app at the end of the article.

Best alarm clocks for 2017

1Sonic Boom

This clock has been serving heavy sleepers like you since 4 to 5 years. Thus, it has the most number of ratings and reviews on Amazon. Sonic boom features 113 DB sound system. Hence, it can wake a person of any age.

This device supports 12 or 24 hours time format. It includes volume controller, powerful vibrator. As it plays very loud sound, you should keep this clock away from kids.

The Sonic boom alarm comes with an easy to locate snooze button. It is fitted with a flash system that emits red color light repeatedly. The user can set the clock snooze time up to 180 seconds. The vibrator in this device is powerful enough to shake an entire mattress or a bed.

The latest edition of the alarm clock is 40+ times more energy efficient than its predecessors. This clock is priced at 40 dollars and it weighs around 600 grams. It lacks FM Radio system.

2Electrohome Projection Alarm Clock

Sonic boom is a powerful alarm system but it offers limited features. EPAC aka electronic projection alarm clock packs an LCD wide angle mode enabled 3.6 inches backlit display. It can automatically detect and set current time in your region.

This device houses 2 alarm clocks. Users can configure it to stop playing alarm tones on weekends. EPAC features an aux 3.5 mm port. Thus, you can connect your favorite MP3 player or any other music player like iPod to it.

This clock comes with an inbuilt projector that will project current time on your wall. You can tilt the display of EPAC up to 180 degrees. This clock uses lithium ION battery as a power source. Along with the time, EPAC displays current room temperature and date. It is priced around 30 dollars.

You can buy the above two devices from

If you own a smartphone that features powerful loudspeaker then you should try out the below app.


This is one of the most useful apps that I’ve come across. Alarms set with this app can be turned off by shaking the phone n number of times or by taking an unlock picture.

Both these methods are unique and irritating. They’ll force you out of bed. Created alarms can be deleted easily and their ringtones can be changed manually.

This app can be configured to play alarm sound repeatedly. When you’re connected to WiFi or the internet, Alarmy will display ads. If you don’t like the theme color of this application, you can change it by navigating to the app settings.

I’ve recommended just one app because I think it is perfect for the job. I tested AlarmMom on my phone and I didn’t like it. To use its alarm feature, you’ve to choose a character.

To wake you up, a cute animation featuring this character will be played along with a background music. Even after choosing a character, I was not able to configure an alarm. Tapping on the choose button has no affect. When the internet or WiFi connection is active, you’ll see annoying ads in AlarmMom app’s dialog boxes.

Download the app here.



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