A ringtone is nothing but a music file which is played automatically when your phone receives an incoming call. The file is small. Android OS powered mobile phones ship with over dozen of ringtones. To change a ringtone, you must navigate to the settings panel of the OS.

If you find the default ringtones in your device irritating, you can easily create a new ringtone for free with a free software on your Windows PC. Once your RT is ready, move it to your device by connecting the PC to phone with a USB cable or using free file transfer software like Lenovo ShareIT.

If you are an Android smartphone or tablet user, you don’t have to install ringtone maker software on your PC. Simply download and install any of the below best free ringtone apps for Android devices.

Top 6 Best Android ringtone app – 2017 Edition

1Ringtone maker

RM is a small utility app that enables users to create HD quality ringtones for free. The app comes with a nice interface. The app’s main window displays a list the list of song files saved on your mobile phone.

To create a ringtone, tap on an audio file from the list. Now, tap on the menu icon beside the name of the file. Once you do so, you’ll see the following options:

  • Edit, preview, share.
  • Make default ringtone/notification.
  • Make default alarm, assign RT to a contact, delete the file.
  • Switch to advanced mode, music file info, email author.

The free ringtone maker provides sound recorder tool. It has a file scanner utility that allows users to find music files saved in the storage memory of the mobile phone. It lets users specify the path where music where they’ve saved music files. The app also allows you to specify a folder where it should save the new ringtones.

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This app gives you access to millions of free sound files of various genres. When you download a file, you can set the tone to alert you when there’s a new incoming call, email or text message. The files are created and uploaded by users of Audiko. Hence, you can download them legally.

This app allows its user to create custom ringtones from the music stored on SD card or the inbuilt storage of their device. It runs on mobile devices installed with Ginger Bread 2.3 or higher version of the Android OS. It comes with an option to find files saved on the storage hardware of the phone.

Apart from ringtones, Audiko allows you to download free wallpapers. The app’s APK file size is 9 megabytes.

Download Audiko

3Mp3 cutter

MP3C can generate high-quality ringtones from MP3 files. This app allows you to record and play your voice. It comes with an advanced inbuilt tool to edit files in MP3 format. MP3C can run on Android 2.0 OS based tablets or smartphones.

Download MP3 Cutter

4Zedge Ringtones and wallpapers

Zedge is one of the most popular apps on this list. It lets you download unique and top-rated ringtones for free. Zedge also includes a vast collection of high-quality wallpapers for Android mobiles and tablets. The files are categorized, hence finding the best tones with Zedge is an easy task.

Zedge app has registered 50+ Mn downloads. It adds new Android widgets to your phone. It comes with a function that will change the home screen wallpaper automatically. Zedge is the best ringtone app for Android.

Download Zedge app

5Animal Sound ringtones

The ASR app has ten different categories and over 100 hilarious animal sound ringtones of excellent quality. This free app can bring a smile to your face with its excellent collection of ringtones. You can configure this app to play a sound file at a particular time.

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6Most popular ringtones

MPR allows you to browse ringtones of various types. Ringtones that you’ll find through this application belong to one of the following genres:

  • Remix, soul, guitar, Hip-hop.
  • Rhythm and Blues, disco, etc.

Like the Mp3 Cutter tool, this app provides a voice recorder utility. MPR allows you to send ringtone for call or notifications through its interface. You can also set the ringtone for the alarm clock.

The app is free and supports Android 2.3+ mobile devices. It has a simple design. Hence, this Android ringtone app is easy to use.

Download MPR

Conclusion: If you’re searching for a free ringtone app for Android, make sure you install one of the applications we’ve mentioned above. The apps we’ve covered here provide nice features.

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