The widget is one of the most important GUI features of Android Jelly Bean, Lollipop or Kit Kat operating system. Without it, your Android tablet or cell phone homescreen will look dull. Widgets make us aware of the climate, important news, remaining battery life, etc. They can be used to perform a search operation on Google, Bing or any other search engines.

If you’re not happy with the performance or look and feel of the existing widgets on your phone or if you want to try out something new, go through our below list of top 10 best widgets for Android.

Weather and clock widget: This is the most powerful and one of the smartest weather and clock widget app available on the Google play store. The widget generated by this app has a black colored transparent background that displays your current location, remaining battery power in percentage, five days weather forecast, time, wind speed, humidity, and pressure. This widget features a refresh button. To update the weather and climate data, just tap this button.

Best weather and clock widget for Android

When you install this app, 11 clock and weather widgets of different dimensions will be installed on your phone. Thus, if your home screen is filled with icons and there’s not too much free space available to dd a new GUI element, you can still get the weather information by installing a smaller version of the clock and weather widget.

This app includes a settings window that allows you to turn off or enable automatic updates, GPS system of your handset. You can also change units, theme, language, date formats, animations, maps, etc with the settings. To get free weather alerts, navigate to this app’s settings.

Size: 6.7 MB
Download link
Pricing: Free

Google Calendar: This app has an immaculate, bright and straightforward interface. It allows users to create/edit events or set holiday/birthday reminders. This app supports the month, date, and week views. If you use Google Plus, your friends birth dates will be synced and displayed automatically in each view of Google Calendar.

With this app, users can invite other people, or they can add notes, colors, attachments from their Google drive account and location to their event. The location supports auto-complete feature, and it will be highlighted on the Google map. Thus, if you’ve lost you’re way while traveling, you can easily get correct directions by tapping on the map.

New events will be added automatically to the Google calendar widget. Events created in your Gmail account will be automatically synced to your phone. In my perspective, GC is the best Android calendar widget and productivity app available on the play store.

Download Google Calendar for Android free

Size: 22 MB
Pricing: Free
Download link

Google Keep: This is yet another top rated Google app that can be downloaded and used for free. Keep allows users to create, archive, delete and edit the picture, audio notes and to do lists.

You can set location or time reminders for your important notes and lists. This is a useful feature. If you’re using this app to maintain a shopping list, add the location of your favorite mall or grocery store to the list. Google keep will make your aware the shopping list when you’re at the store.

To use this feature, turn on the GPS module of your Android cell phone or activate a data plan. Empty notes in Google keep app will be automatically discarded. As data is stored in you Gmail account, you can access all your to do lists and notes on any phone or tablet.

The Google Keep widget is available in 2 size formats. Try it out; you’ll love this Android to do list and note taking app.

Google Keep notes and list for Android

Size: Around 12 megabytes.
Download Google Keep here.

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Zooper: This is a free app that allows to create, name and customize widgets. Once you run Zooper on your Android cell phone or tablet after installing it, you’ll be promoted to choose one of the several attractive widget templates after which, you will be allowed customize the layout, background color and text content of your new widget.

If you don’t like the preinstalled skins, you can download templates for Zopper widget from the Google play store. With zooper, users can create widgets that display battery power, weather, system information, calendar, time or any other text of your choice. Zooper displays advertisements. If you don’t want to see ads, you’ll have to upgrade zooper to the pro version.

Zooper widget

Size: 5 MB
Download it here.

Gauge Battery Widget: This widget displays remaining battery life and the current temperature of you tablet or cellphone battery. GBW makes you aware of the discharging speed, last time when the battery was completely charged and the expected charging time for the battery. It also generates a chart using the same data. This widget features shortcuts/toggle buttons to disable or enable network components of the cell phone i.e., WiFi, data connection, Bluetooth.

download Gauge free battery widget for Android

Size: 2.5 MB.
Pricing: Free.
Download this widget here.

Power Toggles widget: Add this widget to your Android home screen if you want to activate or deactivate GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth and other essential utilities faster.

This app allows us to add toggle bar filled with useful shortcuts to our phone’s notification panel. It supports customization. You can quickly change the appearance, location and icon formats of the toggle bar and widgets generated by this app.

free power toggles widget

Download Power Toggles app here.

Animated Photo Frame: If you love images, check out the Animated photo frame widget app from Hikaru inc. APF features eight animation effects, and it includes more than 25 stylish frames.

This app doesn’t have complicated settings. All you have to do is select a frame, effect, tap on done button and choose the folder where you’ve saved your favorite photos.

The widget settings will be updated, and it will start displaying photos from the specified directory. To pause the slideshow, tap on the frame and hit the pause button.

Animated Photo Frame widget

Size: 5 megabytes
Download APF here.

Data counter and enabler widget: You won’t be able to download the above best widgets for Android unless you activate the data connection on your device.

If you hate visiting settings or notification panel to turn on WiFi, GPRS or 3G connection, just add data enabler widget to the home screen via this link. To keep a track of the transferred data, download data counter app here.

Flipboard: This is a must have widget for Android if you’re an avid news reader or if you like reading articles on blogs. Flipboard widget gives you an option to follow your favorite topics before it starts bringing the latest updates from the best websites. To start reading news content, you should select at least five items.

After selecting the items, you must register an account on Flipboard. If you have a Twitter, Facebook or Google Plus account, you can login into the Flipboard app with its social login feature. Flipboard has an excellent interface. It allows you to follow people, topics, etc.

flipboard - must have top 10 best widgets for Android

Size: 7MB
Download Flipboard app for Android here.

Conclusion: There are a lot of cool Android widget apps available on the play store and the best among them are covered in this article. Don’t clutter the home screen of your phone with widgets. If you do this, the battery of your cell phone or tablet will begin to drain like a flowing river.